Young In Art

About the Exhibition

An exciting and fun stand-alone art show, Young in Art grew out of the annual Hunters Hill Art Exhibition. It’s a combined exhibition and competition with artwork submitted from all of the schools in Hunters Hill. Its aim is to encourage and celebrate the pursuit of the arts by local students.

Young in Art is always a fabulous showcase of locally trained talent, and a tribute to the passion and hard work of the students and art teachers across all eight schools. 

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Thursday 20 – Sunday 23 October, 2022


Hunters Hill Town Hall, 22 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill NSW 2110

Participating schools

  • Villa Maria Parish School
  • Riverside Girls High School
  • Gladesville Public School
  • Boronia Park Public School
  • Marist Sisters College
  • Hunters Hill High School
  • Hunters Hill Public School

2022 Poster Artwork – detail from Making Sense from Nonsense by Isabella L, Hunters Hill High School (Young in Art 2021)

Junior Overall Winner | Red Yellow Blue |  | Austin H | Gladesville Public School

Junior Runner Up | Shaded Black | May S | Gladesville Public School

Kindergarten Highly Commended | Exploding Thoughts | Harper W | Villa Maria Catholic Primary School

Kindergarten Commended | A Pig | Max P | Gladesville Public School

Year 1/2 Highly Commended | Maggie The Magpie | Sequoia McG | Boronia Park Public School

Year 1/2 Commended | Water Lily | Scarlett H | Boronia Park Public School

Year 3/4 Highly Commended | The Calavera | Auriane H | Hunters Hill Public School

Year 3/4 Commended | Swimming Turtle | Abby V | Boronia Park Public School

Year 5/6 Highly Commended | My Dog | Thomi A | Gladesville Public School

Year 5/6 Commended | Koko | Florence B | Boronia Park Public School

Junior Group Highly Commended | Wallumedegal Snapper | Year 3 Villa Maria Primary | Villa Maria Catholic Primary School

Junior Group Commended | Our School Yard Botanicals | Emilia, Nikhil, Harry, Aidan, Quynh, Keira | Hunters Hill Public School

Senior Overall Winner | Hamlet’s Conquest | Marshall A-D | Hunters Hill High School

Senior Runner Up | Beneath By Skin | Eva V | Marist Sisters’ College

Year 7/8 Highly Commended | Landscape at St Remy | Nicole C | Marist  Sisters’ College

Year 7/8 Commended | Vintage | Marco F | St Josephs College

Year 9/10 Highly Commended | Tormented and Manipulated | Nuttarika S | Hunters Hill High School

Year 9/10 Commended | Portraiture | Diana A | Riverside Girls High School

Year 11/12 Highly Commended | Monarch Metamorphosis | Mary M | Marist  Sisters’ College

Year 11/12 Commended | Body Dismorphia | Amelia L | Hunters Hill High School

Senior Sculpture Highly Commended | Bento Box | Louisa J | Riverside Girls High School

Senior Sculpture Commended | Coraline | Ella D | Riverside Girls High School

Senior Digital Highly Commended | Chapel Contemplation | Max P | St Josephs College

Senior Digital Commended | The Secrets Trees Keep | Elliot Y | St Josephs College

Senior Groupwork Highly Commended | Landscape Extension | Lianca F, Peggy H, Hawa S, Elke S, Alyssa P, Lucy S | Hunters Hill High School

  1. All artwork submitted by each school is selected by teachers from that school.
  2. Images of submitted artwork may be used in promoting Young in Art for this and future exhibitions.
  3. Submitted artwork may be exhibited on a digital platform by Hunter’s Hill Council.
  4. Judging will be undertaken by an independent third party or parties. Judges decisions are final.

Want more Art?

For information on all things ART in Hunters Hill, head on over to our dedicated Arts page where you can find out about upcoming exhibitions and subscribe to our online Artist’s Newsletter.

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