Henley Precinct

The Henley Precinct has catered for a range of community uses since the reserve’s dedication for public recreation in 1920. The area is important for many reasons:

  • Significant active recreation facilities, including; a main playing field, basketball court, skate park and playground.
  • Significant passive recreation, including; walking, running, gardening, biking, and wildlife observation.
  • A variety of users, including; residents, non-residents, school students, pre-schoolers, community groups, commuters, etc.
  • A number of buildings, including the Henley Community Centre, Riverside Pre School and Henley Cottage, in addition to an amenities block and the home of the Happy Hens.
  • Important assets including; carparks, footpaths, links to foreshore areas through the bushland and the ferry wharf.

The update to the Henley Precinct Plan of Management (PoM) in 2021-2022 enabled Council to understand the needs of all of the users of the area. However, the issues relating to the State Government grant for the upgrade to Gladesville Reserve highlighted the importance of developing a masterplan and mapping out future community priorities in conjunction with all of the users of the Precinct.

A Community Meeting was held on 23 March 2023 to listen to community views and understand key priorities. Following this Council will:

  • Table a report to the next Council Meeting outlining priorities – Read the 24 April 2023 Council report.
  • Develop a masterplan.
  • Actively seek grants in relationship to community priorities.
  • Provide the community with regular updates.

The Minutes of Henley Precinct Community Meeting in conjunction with all of the priorities outlined (Henley Precinct Workshop Notes) will provide a significant step in working towards to the development of a comprehensive masterplan in conjunction with the local community and key users of the area.

Henley Precinct Map (PoM, P.8)

The meeting provided Council with community views about what is important in the Henley Precinct.

Council wanted to hear about what are the key priorities for the site to ensure that any upgrades are based on community need.

There is currently a comprehensive Henley Precinct Plan of Management (PoM) in place.

Council adopted the Henley Precinct Plan of Management at an Ordinary Meeting held on 15 August 2022. The PoM sets out the history of the area as well as detailing land uses and categories, including what is and isn’t allowed to happen in the precinct.

‘Permitted uses and developments must all support and enhance the other values of the site including open space and recreation.

Any use or development that would further encroach on the open space of the site should be minimised, unless it can be shown that the proposed use or development is a more efficient use of the space, has a community benefit, and is consistent with the objectives of the Plan of Management.

Uses and activities permitted at Henley Precinct must consider the impacts on local residents, workers and adjoining land uses in terms of noise, lighting, traffic and parking.’ (PoM, P. 38)

The next steps will include:

  • Report back to Council with the priorities.
  • Develop a masterplan based on community priorities.
  • Actively seek grants in relationship to community priorities.
  • Provide the community with regular updates.

Sydney Community Services 

Sydney Community Services aim is to enhance community participation, boost health and wellbeing, develop life skills and enable independence for people from all walks of life.

P: 02 9427 6425
E: support@sydneycs.org
W: https://www.sydneycs.org/
A: Hunters Hill Ryde Hub- 46 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill NSW 2110

The Happy Hens Social Enterprise Inc

Growing Connections by gardening, sharing a coffee or just engaging in community. The Happy Hens Social Enterprise aim to make Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Ryde and beyond an engaging, enjoyable and sustainable place to live, especially in our beautiful outdoor public spaces.

W: https://www.happyhens.org.au/
P: 0403 822 099 (Emma Paxton)

The Habitat Network and The Habitat community nursery and garden

Habitat Network connects people and habitat. Our projects include Hunter’s Hill small bird habitat corridor and Shrimpton’s Creek small bird habitat corridor. We work with bushcare groups within this corridor including Tarban Bridge Bushcare and Bedlam Bay Bushcare. We also coordinate The Habitat community native plant nursery and community food garden which allows us to connect with the local community to extend habitat through private and public lands.

E: Bev.debrincat@iewf.org

W: www.habitatnetwork.org or https://landcare.nsw.gov.au/groups/iewf-habitat-network/projects/habitat-network/


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