Gladesville Masterplan

Council is working with our community, property owners, planning consultants and government authorities on a long-term vision for the renewal of Gladesville town centre.

Council at its meeting on 18 October, 2021, endorsed the next stage of community consultation, resolving that further work be undertaken on a Gladesville Masterplan, in response to public feedback received during August and September.

View the report to Council, including the Consultation Report.

The Council unanimously resolved:

  1. That the report be received and noted.
  2. That as a result of feedback received further work, as outlined in the body of the report be undertaken for consideration by Council, in early 2022.
  3. That lower height options will be investigated as part of this further work.
  4. That Council thank all submitters for their feedback on the recent consultation and advise of the recommendations of this report.
  5. That the Consultation Report be placed on Council’s website.
  6. That Council continue to consult and involve the community in the development of the Gladesville Masterplan.

In light of the feedback received following community consultation it is recommended that further targeted work be undertaken for Block 4. This work will develop a draft development option and include:

  • Economic feasibility testing to test redevelopment options and quantum of both retail/commercial and residential space.
  • Refining of development option(s) to encourage redevelopment and provide generous, usable open space, as well as reduced height.
  • Develop tailored building envelopes and test in greater detail the yield capacity of the envelopes through typical layouts as well as to ensure the capacity to meet Apartment Design Guideline requirements for solar access and overshadowing etc.
  • Costing of public benefit including a percentage of affordable rental housing.
  • Development of a Traffic Management Plan for the surrounding area of the Gladesville town centre.
  • Liaison with TfNSW, Sydney buses, Department of Education and Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment.
  • Liaison with landowners of Block 4 to facilitate a good development outcome for the community.


Read more about the Gladesville Masterplan project below. This page will be updated as plans progress.

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Public exhibition was from 5 August to 17 September 2021.

On 19 July 2021, Council gave consideration to work undertaken on two block studies and resolved to place them on public exhibition to seek submissions from the community on the draft options presented in the studies. These can be downloaded below:

Following the public consultation period, comments and submissions will be assessed and a report prepared for Council. The report will outline any proposed changes to the studies and make recommendations for a final masterplan for Gladesville, based on the outcome of the community consultation. Additional traffic impact assessment will be undertaken and community benefit will be identified and the process outlined for delivering the benefits.

In order for the masterplan to be implemented new planning controls (such as height and floor space ratios) will be determined and included in the Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP), which are both currently under review.

Concept plans were placed on public exhibition between 5 August and 17 September, 2021.

Discussion, feedback and ideas were also shared in online community consultation sessions held between 19 August and 9 September 2021.

Watch the webinar:

In December 2018, Council resolved to prepare a masterplan for three blocks, along Victoria Road in the Gladesville town centre – refer to blocks 1, 2 and 3, in Map 1 below.

Map 1: Location of Blocks 1, 2 & 3

Source: GMU

The decision to prepare the masterplan was in response to community and Council concerns about the presentation of the town centre, variable trading performance, delayed renewal of properties and in response to:

  • Court determined development application appeals, and
  • A planning proposal for the Gladesville Shopping Centre (GSV) key site where the current Coles supermarket is located.

On 1 July 2020, Council was advised by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) that the developer-led planning proposal for the GSV site would not proceed. Reasons included unclear vision for the site, the density and urban design of the development, traffic impacts and poor linkages between surrounding blocks and the GSV key site and with the town centre more broadly.

Given the DPIE’s decision the opportunity arose to expand the Gladesville masterplan project to incorporate the Gladesville Shopping Centre (GSV) site into the masterplan project area, so that the three core blocks (1, 2 and 3) and the GSV key site (now block 4) could be considered as a precinct to deliver on the vision as set out in Council’s adopted Local Strategic Planning Statement – refer to Map 2 below. Block 4 also includes 217, 219 and 223 Victoria Road to provide opportunity for through site links. Expansion of the study area also provided the opportunity to achieve better urban design and place making outcomes through improved community amenity and public space.

Map 2: Location of Block 4

Source: GMU

The approach undertaken by Council including economic, traffic and urban design measures will provide the foundations for driving change and market interest in re-developing and updating the Gladesville town centre for the public benefit, rather than a development interest alone. Consultation in relation to the future of the centre also occurred with land and business owners and other interested stakeholders.

On April 29 2021, Council resolved to adopt the Hunters Hill Local Housing Strategy, which was subsequently approved by the DPIE. The Gladesville town centre is the main area nominated for future housing growth.

Click here to view a summary of the traffic assessment of the proposed Gladesville town centre.

Pictured: an indicative massing plan and a compliant scheme of the current planning controls.

Submitted for the planning proposal for the Gladesville Shopping Village site, prepared by Robertson & Marks Architects (not Council), January 2016.

Indicative compliant scheme structure

Source: Robertson & Marks Architects, Planning Proposal, Gladesville Shopping Centre, January 2016, DFP


Indicative Massing of a Compliant Scheme as viewed from the east

Source: Robertson & Marks Architects, Planning Proposal, Gladesville Shopping Centre, January 2016, DFP


Frequently asked questions

Over recent years community concern has grown in relation to the attractiveness and amenity of the Gladesville town centre. Centres provide the heart of the local community. They not only provide a place to meet every day needs but also spaces to come together for social activities. Centres need activity to remain viable and appealing. The draft development options for Gladesville identify improvements to the public domain and opportunities for housing for a mix of incomes, with good access to community facilities, public transport, services and employment. Smaller shops and businesses are dependent on the activity that a retail (supermarket) or a community anchor (such as a library/community centre) generates.

Blocks 1, 2 and 3

A 2 storey wall height is proposed along Victoria Road to retain the existing character of the strip shopping centre within the Heritage Conservation Area.  Increased building heights of up to five storeys are proposed to the rear of the buildings along Victoria Road, Pittwater Road, Cowell Street and Junction Street. The proposed heights and built form for each block are shown in the figures below:

Figure 1: Block 1 

Heights range from (mainly) 2 storeys along Victoria Road to 5 storeys at the rear.

Source: GMU

Figure 2: Block 2

Heights range from 2 storeys along Victoria Road to 4 and 5 storeys at the rear.

Source: GMU

Figure 3: Block 3

Heights range from 2 storeys along Victoria Road to 4 and 5 storeys at the rear.

Source: GMU

Block 4 – Key site

Following on from the work on blocks 1, 2 and 3 and the decision by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to refuse the planning proposal for the GSV key site, GMU was commissioned to develop three built form options for block 4, known as the key site which includes the Coles supermarket. The three built form options include three sites along Victoria Road – 217, 219 and 223 Victoria Road to provide opportunity for through site linkages.

The existing controls allow for 9 – 10 storeys in height. The concept options allow for additional heights but, in addition provide community benefit in terms of increased opportunities for open space, community facilities and through site links. The maximum height in options 1 and 3 is 15 storeys and for option 2 – 19 storeys. The proposed supermarket is 3,400m² in size with additional space provided for specialty shops and services. The options also include residential levels above the commercial areas which will assist Hunters Hill meet its housing targets as set out in the North District Plan and provide housing close to public transport and services.

The three options are shown below:

Option 1 – heights range from 1 to 15 storeys

Source: GMU

Option 2 – heights range from 1 to 19 storeys

Source: GMU

Option 3 – heights range from 1 to 19 storeys

Source: GMU

Council in response to community feedback requested GMU to prepare options for the key site (block 4) which included generous public domain benefit, linking new public open spaces to the laneway network to the north/south. All 3 options include generous public space areas as well as opportunities for community facilities. The table below identifies the proposed open space for each option.

Open space calculations

Option 1Option 2Option 3
Landscaped park1200m²Urban piazza1120m²North community hub800m²
Urban piazza1130m²Informal green space610m²Urban piazza750m²
Active square630m²Links1250m²Central space700m²
Total open space4300m²Total open space2980m²Total open space3900m²

The elements of community benefit will be finalised following the community consultation and as part of the renewal process. In addition, the process for delivering the benefits will be determined.

Precedent Images

Council is responsible for developing the masterplan and the planning controls to guide redevelopment. Once the final masterplan is adopted by Council, planning controls will be included in a ‘planning proposal’ to amend the Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan. A LEP is the primary legal planning document for guiding land use and planning decisions made by Council.  A LEP describes what can be undertaken on land and is supported by mapping (including land use zones, height maps etc.). The draft planning proposal, once endorsed by Council will be submitted to the Department of Planning to get a determination to publicly exhibit the planning proposal.

Once the planning controls have been gazetted and come into effect, a landowner/developer can lodge a development application with Council. The redevelopment of the Gladesville town centre will be proponent driven, in accordance with the masterplan and planning controls set by Council.

The redevelopment of Gladesville will likely take a number of years.

The Gladesville commercial heritage conservation area comprises three retail and commercial blocks fronting Victoria Road and part of a mixed commercial and residential block in Pittwater Road at Gladesville. The extent of the precinct is:

Source: Paul Davies

Planning controls will be developed that respect the 2 storey wall height along Victoria Road with higher elements setback further from the street edge.

A heritage item exists on the corner of Cowell and Flagstaff Streets (10 Cowell Street). The 3 options have been developed assuming the building has been demolished or relocated, as any redevelopment of the key site will compromise the setting of the building as well reducing the opportunity for a well-designed precinct.

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