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Access for Information

Formal Application to Access
Informal Application to Access

Bookings - Filming

Filming and Photography Application Form (PDF)
Filming & Photography Terms and Conditions

Bookings - Hall or Park/Sports Field

Application and Permit to Conduct Charitable Fund Raising and Promotions Form
Event Booking Application
Event Terms and Conditions
Hall Hire - Casual or Seasonal (PDF)
Hall Hire Terms & Conditions
Park/Reserve Hire - Casual (PDF)
Park Use for Fitness Trainer Application (Online)
Park Use for Fitness Trainer Application (PDF)
Sports Field Hire - Seasonal (PDF)
Sports Field Hire - Schools (PDF)
Sports Field Hire Terms & Conditions

Certificate Applications

Certificate Applications


Bushland Management Advisory Committee (Online)

Community Services

Bushcare/Harbour Volunteer Registration

Council Meetings

Request to Address Council Meeting


Request to Address DCU Meeting
Request to Address LPP Meeting
Development Application
Section 4.55 Modification Application form
Review of Determination application
Cost Summary Report - Licensed Builder
Detail Cost Report - Quantity Surveyor's
Integrated Development
General Enquiries
Preliminary Consultation Application
Bushland Management Advisory Committee (Online)
Building Information Certificate
Annual Fire Safety Statement Application
Subdivision Certificate
Political Donations Disclosure Statement
Complying Development Certificate Application
Construction Certificate
Operate Onsite Sewage Management Facility -PDF
Surrender of Consent
Notice of Commencement Appointment Certifier
Occupation Certificate
Skin Penetration Registration - PDF
Section 68 Application Form
Fire Safety Statement (NSW Government)
Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Application (PDF)

Development Guidelines

DA Matrix Checklist - PDF
Guidelines for Heritage Management Documents


Driveway and Ancillary Works Construction by Private Contractor Application Form (PDF)
Driveway and Ancillary Works Construction Information sheet


Dividing Fences


Dinghy Storage Hire (Online)
Dinghy Storage Hire (PDF)

Memorial Seating

Memorial Seating Application Form (PDF)

Nature Strips

Community Mowing Service Application Form (PDF)


Clarkes Point Resident Parking Permit (PDF)
Woolwich Parking Permit Application/Cancellation
Hunters Hill Sailing Club Parking Permit Application orCancellation
Woolwich Visitor Parking Permit Application / Cancellation
Boat Trailer Parking Special Circumstances

Rates & Finance

Application of Financial Hardship (Residential)
Application of Financial Hardship (Business)
88G Certificate
Change of Address Form
Land Categorisation Change for Rating Purposes
New Property Owner Contact Information form
Pensioner Concession Application form

Resource Recovery & Waste Management

Request for a New or Additional Public Litter Bin (PDF)
Request for a Replacement Garbage Bin (PDF)
Request to Commence Waste Service (PDF)
Request to Discontinue Commercial Waste Service (PDF)
Request to Discontinue Garbage Waste Service (PDF)
Request for New or Additional Waste Service (PDF)
Request to Upgrade or Downgrade your Garbage Bin (PDF)
Assisted Waste Collection Service (PDF)
Assisted Waste Service Collection (Online)


Access through or occupy public space application form
Access Through or Occupy Public Space Application form (PDF)
Mini Skip Application (Online)
Mini Skip Application (PDF)
Road &/or Footpath Opening Permit by Private Contractor Application Form (PDF)
Road &/or Footpath Opening Fact Sheet & Conditions
Road &/or Footpath Opening by Utility Company Fact Sheet
Stand Plant Permit Application - Concrete Pump/Crane (Online)
Stand Plant Permit Application form - Concrete Pump/Crane (PDF)
Temporary Road Closure Permit Application (Online)
Temporary Road Closure Permit Application (PDF)
Works Zone Construction Application form
Works Zone Construction Application form (PDF)


Tree and Vegetation Management Application Form (PDF)


Bushcare/Harbour Volunteer Registration
Bushcare Volunteer Incident Report (online)
Welcome to The YARN

Welcome to The YARN

The first ever library and community space in Hunters Hill - The YARN - has officially opened, with public programs to begin from November.

Hunters Hill Rugby Union Football Club

Hunters Hill Rugby Union Football Club

A winning culture has earned it legendary status but it is the connection to community that makes Hunters Hill Rugby Union Football Club, and all within it, Hunters Hill Heroes.

New Year’s Eve 2020

New Year’s Eve 2020

An update on proposed arrangements for New Year's Eve 2020.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing Hub

Lifestyle and Wellbeing Hub

We are looking to create a Lifestyle and Wellbeing Hub and want your feedback about what the focus of this amazing new community space should be.

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