Community Garden Application Form (Online)

  • You have been invited to fill out this online application form following your submission of an Expression of Interest and subsequent meeting with Council staff, to establish a community garden on Council or Crown Land in the Hunters Hill LGA.

    Refer to Hunter’s Hill Council’s Community Garden Policy to assist in filling out this form.

    Council staff will contact you following your submission of this form.

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  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • NOTE: Your group will need to incorporate and purchase insurance before a Council licence can be drawn up to authorise community gardening. However for community gardens groups not selling their produce, Council’s Community Support Liability policy can cover Public Liability insurance. In addition no works can be carried out before a licence is issued.
  • Proposed community garden site details

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Proposed community garden features

  • Management Plan

  • It must be demonstrated that there is sufficient commitment and capacity within your community garden group to plan, establish and effectively manage the proposed garden. Note: a Development Application must be lodged as well if the proposed community garden is not authorised in a Plan of Management but is permissible in the land zoning. In drafting your Management Plan you can add brief descriptions of how your group would address the points below.
    1. Vision
      • purpose, aims and objectives
    2. Site management
      • management of the whole site (e.g. waste management, pest management, soil improvement, water management of runoff and drainage, use and harvesting of water and types of sustainable materials brought on site and their storage)
      • site safety—how you will manage health and safety in the garden e.g. risk management plan, safe use of tools and outline training process for new gardeners, how will you document accidents etc
      • allocation and management of plots
      • management of shared areas
    3. Management structure
      • include a list of the management positions and their role (e.g. president, treasurer, secretary)
      • what will be your members’ responsibilities to other gardeners and to the community garden (e.g. behaviour, site safety and orderliness, treatment of visitors)
      • how you will make decisions together (e.g. consensus, majority rule, code of conduct, resolving conflict)
      • how you will communicate between the management team and the membership.
    4. Policies
      • access and inclusion (e.g. opening times, will the garden be locked at night, when can interested people enquire about joining, disabled access and acceptance of a range of people and children)
      • alcohol, smoking and drugs onsite
      • dogs onsite.
    5. Funding the continued operation of the community garden
      • membership costs / resourcing plan/ fundraising / grants.
    6. Training
      • what will be your process of inducting new gardeners into the garden practices (e.g. compost production, organic gardening methods such as pest management)
      • what initial training will be needed in the start-up stage of the garden.
    7. Partnerships and community engagement
      • potential partnerships with other organisations (if these already exist, consider attaching letters of support from them to this application)
      • how the garden will involve the local community.
    8. Contacts
      • for the public / for council / internal / coordinators of teams.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Checklist

  • Please ensure the checklist has been completed and the following supporting documentation is uploaded to this application.
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    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 128 MB.
      • Privacy and personal information protection notice
        • Purpose of collection: for assessment of an application to use Public Land for a new community garden
        • Intended recipients: Council officers and authorised contractors of Hunters Hill Council
        • Supply: Voluntary, however, a completed application is necessary to seek permission to use an area of Public Land for a new community garden in the Hunters Hill Council area
        • Access and correction: Council staff or Freedom of Information Requests
        • Storage: Council's Document Management Systems and Archives.
      • Next steps
        • assessment process: your application will be assessed by relevant Council staff.
        • consultation process: during the Council exhibition period, local residents and business surrounding the proposed site is be consulted, any feedback will be considered by Council.
        • council approval: if the application is supported by Council, Council will contact your group regarding the result
        • Licence agreement: if your Community Garden Application is approved by Council, then a formal licence agreement will be entered into with your group, at this stage your group must become incorporated and have public liability insurance. However for community gardens groups not selling their produce, Council’s Community Support Liability policy can cover Public Liability insurance.
        • funding: Council encourages successful applicants to apply for grants after they have approval and a signed licence agreement.
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