Assisted Waste Service Collection (Online)

  • For residents who are unable to place their bins out for collection themselves.
  • Applicant Details

  • Bins must be stored in an easily accessed area, and not within a closed garage. Please give a brief description of where your bins are stored.
  • Documentation Requested

    Please provide a Doctors Certificate confirming the need for this service
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Declaration

    I hereby apply for an Assisted Waste Collection Service (Infirm Collection Service) and declare that I agree to the above conditions and that due to reason of ill health, physical or mental incapacity I am unable to place the wheelie bins on the roadside for servicing each week. I confirm that there is no-one residing on the property that is able to place the bins out for servicing each week.

  • Indemnity

    I/We give Hunter's Hill Council and it's contractors permission to enter the property for the purposes of emptying the waste bins (including recycling and green waste bins) and returning such waste bins to a designated location on the property. I/We hereby indemnify and agree to keep indemnified Hunter's Hill Council, it's contractors including employees and agents of either in respect of the whole amount of liability, claims, demands, costs and expenses made against any of them incurred by any of them in respect of any damage on property while undertaking the manual service of bins.

  • Submitting this form is a declaration that the information provided is true and correct in every detail. You have read and understand the terms & conditions. You accept all conditions of operation under the Hunter’s Hill Assisted Waste Service Collection.

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