Dinghy Storage Hire (Online)

  • To be completed by persons requiring a permit for Dinghy Storage for 1 July - 30 June annually. Payment will be required after acceptance of the application. Important: Before completing this application, please read the Conditions of Use located on the back of this form: Dinghy Storage Permit
  • Applicant's Details

  • Type of Storage

  • Location

    Please tick one dinghy storage location for your preference. Please do not forward payment until you receive confirmation that your storage is available at your chosen location.
  • Width (m):Length (m):Mooring Number:
    NB: a Dinghy length limit of 3.5m applies
  • I declare that the above information is true and correct in every detail. I have read and understood the conditions listed on the back of this form. I accept all conditions of operation under the Hunter’s Hill Dinghy Storage Facility. I understand that any permits may be revoked if any of the information declared on this form is incorrect or any Conditions of Issue or Use are breached. (Submission of this form online serves as acknowledgement of this declaration).

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