Figtree Park

NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program

The NSW Government has allocated $4.75 million in funding to Hunter’s Hill Council, as part of the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program.

The funding will be used for the embellishment of Figtree Park, with an aim to increase public use of the space and improve connections to adjoining streets through improved traffic and pedestrian outcomes.

Update – 22 November 2022

Council has submitted an amended development application (DA) for tree removal and pruning in Figtree Park.

Details of the amended application can be viewed via the DA Tracker.

Amended drawings showing proposed tree removal were endorsed at an Ordinary Council Meeting on 21 November 2022. View the Council report.

A 14-day public notification period of the amended DA will be from 22 November to 6 December 2022.

The application will be independently determined.

A separate development application for the demolition of a dwelling and associated outbuildings at 48 Gladesville Road was approved through an independent determination in September 2022.


This page will be updated as the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program project progresses.

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Endorsed concept plans for Figtree Park reflect community feedback received as part of a multi-phase public consultation process.

The first phase of community consultation was run through July and August 2021.

Council received a progress report on the Figtree Park project, including outcomes of the first phase of public consultation, at its ordinary meeting of 18 October 2021 and acknowledged the second stage of consultation for the project.

A second phase of consultation, held during October and November 2021, sought public feedback on two proposed concept designs.

A Citizen’s Panel in November brought together a representative group of community members to provide recommendations to Council.

Read more:

Figtree Park Consultation Phase 2 report

Engagement Outcomes Report for the Figtree Park Citizen’s Panel.

Figtree Park Consultation Report

Appendix 1 – Community Engagement Responses and Recent Media

Video: Take a walk through Figtree Park.


In preparing the application for funding, a scope was developed for this high-quality project. The scope has been further refined through the consultation process. The scope included:

  • Ensuring the proposed design does not affect the upgrade/redevelopment of the Council controlled properties along Gladesville Road including those occupied by Sydney Community Services, the Hunters Hill Croquet Club and council community centre.
  • Landscaping
  • New Public Domain from Gladesville Rd with a focus on accessibility
  • New inclusive playspace
  • Appropriate Public Art
  • Changing Places standard amenity block (
  • Infrastructure to support low key events such as markets
  • Increased lighting and Smart City integration
  • Wayfinding and signage

Frequently asked questions

As part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 economic recovery program, all NSW Councils were invited to submit a proposal to the Public Spaces Legacy Program.

Hunter’s Hill Council submitted a proposal to upgrade Figtree Park. We have met the initial milestones for the project, and plan to deliver a high quality open space that is accessible to all of our community. 

The funds for this project are from a non-competitive NSW Government grant, and will not draw on rate funding. 

Details of the Public Spaces Legacy Program can be found on the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment website program page.

The Figtree Park project includes over 7000m2 of green, public open space. The green space in the image below (excluding the croquet lawn). It’s almost 2 acres of open space, in the middle of Hunter’s Hill Council LGA, and surrounded by local businesses and services that are central to our community. 

Image: Figtree Park, bordered by Ryde Road, Matthew Street and Gladesville Road.

For comparison Figtree Park is half the size of Trafalgar Square or 14 basketball courts.

The Public Spaces Legacy Program project is funding the upgrade of the open space only, however a summary of the usage of the buildings along Gladesville Road is below: 

  • 1 Matthew St: Council owned, leased to Croquet Club
  • 42 Gladesville Rd: Council owned, leased to Sydney Community Services
  • 44 Gladesville Rd: Council owned, Gladesville Road Community Centre and Meals on Wheels
  • 46 Gladesville Rd: Council owned, leased to Sydney Community Services
  • 48 Gladesville Rd: Council owned, a development application for the demolition of a dwelling and associated outbuildings was approved through an independent determination in September 2022.
  • 50 Gladesville Rd is a heritage listed sandstone building, privately owned.

The scope includes a green corridor onto the business village area of Gladesville Road and accessible pathways throughout the park to enable everyone to enjoy the park. New access points are also proposed. 

The scope has an accessible amenities block and inclusive playspace accessible for many types of users.

A Citizen’s Panel brings together a representative group of community members with different perspectives and values to address a public problem. The Panel is provided with relevant evidence and information to come to a decision, which is then provided to Council as recommendations.

Council engaged external consultants, Captivate Consulting, to coordinate the Citizens Panel for Figtree Park. This included the selection of the panel members and facilitation of a workshop session. Thus this process is run independent of Council.

Read more in the Engagement Outcomes Report for the Figtree Park Citizen’s Panel.



A small number of responses requested an off leash/dedicated dog area.

The recommended minimum size of a fenced dog park is one acre, which would result in that being the predominant use of the site, and therefore would not be suitable for this site.

A large off leash dog zone is also located 500m from Figtree Park, at Riverglade Reserve.

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