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Boronia Park plays a very important role in environmental conservation for Hunters Hill, hosting three Endangered Ecological Communities. Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest, Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest, and Estuarine Saltmarsh are all represented in this area and as a precious group of highly threatened native species, they need as much help, protection, and regeneration as possible. This is where you can help! Our Friends of Boronia Park Bushcare group are an enthusiastic group of volunteers, working to preserve and restore some of the most threatened bushland in Hunter’s Hill.

The objectives of Friends of Boronia Park are as follows:

  • care for all matters affecting the bushland of Boronia Park
  • resist any attempts to alienate any portion of the Parklands
  • preserve and promote regeneration of native bushland
  • eradicate and prevent the spread of exotic growth
  • cooperate with other organisations having similar objectives
  • do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the retention of the bushland environment of the Boronia Park area.

This site gives volunteers the opportunity to learn a broad variety of weed species and control methods, while learning to restore and regenerate endangered bush species communities.

This Bushcare group meets on the third Sunday of each month, at 8.30am.


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