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Gladesville Reserve and Betts Park are adjoining spaces on the northern foreshores of the Parramatta River. Together they form a natural corridor with a troubled past full of dumped rubbish and heavy weed infestations. Thankfully, a 1990s Parramatta River Foreshore Improvement Program was able to get the ball rolling on more sustainable landscape management in the area, with bush regeneration works following from 2002. Following on from these early works a local resident took it upon himself to continue removing invasive weeds in 2004, and the Friends of Betts Park and Gladesville Reserve Bushcare group was born!

This cheery and dedicated Bushcare group now work towards maintaining areas they have previously cleared of weeds, and in some cases replanted with natives, whilst steadily tackling weed outbreaks in new areas. This site presents a great opportunity to get involved in the rehabilitation of a critical natural corridor, whilst learning about increasing native species diversity to encourage more wildlife to return to the bush.

This Bushcare group meets on the third Saturday of each month, at 9.00am.


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