Fox Control

Foxes are scheduled as a Key Threatening Process under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and have been declared pest species by the NSW government.

Urban fox control is complex due to their interactions and proximity with humans. Foxes are extremely cunning and difficult to trap. Council has found that the most effective and humane method of fox control is via the implementation of a strategic shooting program, conducted under strict legal requirements.

Foxes have adapted well to urban areas, are skilled hunters and have devastated many species of native wildlife including birds, lizards and small mammals. Foxes are responsible for killing pets including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. In addition foxes can carry a number of diseases and parasites that may be transmitted to dogs.

Fox sightings

Fox or fox den sightings help Council to track which areas foxes are using, their numbers and impacts. This information can assist in the implementation of an effective fox shooting program that helps protect our native wildlife. Report fox sightings or fox dens to Council at in the first instance as well as FoxScan.

Sydney North Vertebrate Pest Committee

Hunter’s Hill Council is a member of the Sydney North Vertebrate Pest Committee. The group comprises of key land managers from across the Sydney North Region including 11 local government agencies, National Parks and Wildlife, Local Land Services, Forestry NSW, Sydney Water, Taronga Zoo and Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. The aim of the group is to share information, raise awareness, educate agency members and the community and develop the skill required to manage feral animals including foxes.

A significant improvement has been seen in the sustainability and diversity of native wildlife occurring in remnant urban bushland across the region since its establishment in 1998. Brush Turkeys for instance have returned to bushland, which is likely to be a direct response to diminishing fox numbers resulting from this regionally coordinated, multi-agency approach to pest management.

For further information, contact the Bushland Management Team on 9879 9400.

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