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Many streets within the Hunters Hill Municipality have a tradition of avenue plantings of mature street trees. Many date back to the twenties and were planted to commemorate soldiers from the Great War.

The predominate species is Brushbox (Lophostemon confertus) however other more recent plantings include Eucalyptus, Lemon scented Myrtle, Bottlebrush and Crepe myrtle.

Council continues the tradition of planting Brushbox trees in appropriate locations, however because of some site constraints other species are planted in locations which are more suitable for that type of tree.

It is often difficult to establish and maintain an environment with street trees. Factors such as overhead wires, narrow naturestrips, poor compacted soil, vandalism and lack of water can dictate whether a planting will be successful.

Despite this the benefits of street trees to the community are many and varied and far outweigh any perceived nuisance. Street trees provide cooling shade in those hot summer months for cars and people. Trees reduce glare, absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas and give out oxygen. Trees provide visual relief in our urbanised environment by providing scale and form to our streets and precincts. They stabilise the soil and give birds and other wildlife a habitat.

Council has an active maintenance program for its existing street trees. Most of this work comprises pruning, however occasionally a tree has to be removed because it has declined or it is causing damage to infrastructure.

The street tree-planting program is usually implemented in Autumn when soil temperature and moisture are optimum. Other plantings do occur throughout the year and these can be particularly successful if residents help with watering.

Council encourages requests from residents who wish to have trees planted in their street. Council has a list of recommended species that can be downloaded below, however other trees will be considered.

General Native Plant List



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