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Conservation Advisory Panel

The Hunters Hill Advisory Committee was established in 1972 to advise the Council on “townscape” matters and was reconstituted in 1989 as the Conservation Advisory Panel (CAP) under the Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan.

The Panel provides advice to the Director, Development & Regulatory Services to assist in the consideration of heritage conservation matters. The panel also provides heritage conservation advice to property owners, applicants and architects contemplating development in the municipality.

The main matters considered by CAP include:

  • Demolition of a Heritage Item;
  • Demolition of a dwelling within a conservation area;
  • Major additions to heritage items;
  • New fencing, garages and carports to the streetscape
  • Any other important items staff require CAP to review

Development applications and other matters are referred to the Panel at the discretion of the Director, Development & Regulatory Services, and the Panel considers the non-planning aspects of proposed development relating to heritage items and conservation areas.

Consultation with the Panel in regard to preliminary proposals is also encouraged prior to a development application (DA) being lodged.

Constitution Of The Panel

The Panel consists of the following members:


Two Councillors for two (2) years appointed bi annually by Council.

  1. Clr Ross Williams
  2. Clr Jim Sanderson

Community Representatives

  1. Representative of Hunter’s Hill Trust – Ms Lucy Creagh
  2. Representative Institute of Architects – Mr Peter Lonergan
  3. Representative Institute of Architects (alternate) – Mr Bob Moore
  4. Expert in Heritage Planning – Mr Brian McDonald
  5. Mr Michael Lehany, Representative of Cultural Landscape Practitioners
  6. Ms Bronwyn Doutreband, Community Representative
  7. Ms Helen Temple-Berry, Community Representative
  8. Mr Graham Atkins, Community Representative (Alternate)

Council Officers

  1. Heritage Consultant
  2. Director, Development & Regulatory Services

Frequency of Meeting

The Panel meets monthly, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, excluding January. The meeting begins at Council Chambers at 6pm, if site inspections are needed they are held before the meeting from 4pm depending on the number of inspections for that month.

Procedure of Meetings

The final agenda for the meeting is produced the Thursday prior to the Wednesday meeting and the applicants for the applications to be discussed are contacted with the time their application is to be discussed.

At the meeting the applicants and/or their representative(s) are invited to address the Panel at the scheduled times, and the proposal is discussed. Approximately 20 minutes is allocated for each agenda item.

After the meeting a copy of the minutes is  posted to the applicant for each matter on the agenda 10 days after the meeting is held.

Those attending the meeting for interviews are requested to advise their name, company and role at the beginning of each interview.

The complete CAP Charter can be viewed here.

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