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Before you lodge a development application,  if you are considering completing works or if you have a general building or compliance question there are different ways you can find out information that will help before you lodge an application.

If you have general building or application questions you can speak to our Duty Planner or for heritage specific questions our Heritage Advisor is available.

Or if you have plans and would like feedback we strongly encourage you attend a Preliminary Consultation Meeting with Council Officers.

Lodgement of a Development Application 

From 1 January 2020 all development applications (excluding development applications for pruning or removal of trees) need to be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal not Council.

There is now no need to come into Council as you can do it online wherever and whenever you choose! Also unlike in the past you don’t need to submit physical copies of your application saving printing costs and paper.

When you lodge your application on the Portal you will need to:

  • Include a PDF copy of all the required plans and supporting documents. This includes a set of A4 Neighbour Notification Plans
  • Include proof of owners consent

Please note that depending on the type of development application you are applying for there may be other supporting documentation you need to provide including a Statement of Environmental Effects, Landscaping Calculation Plan, Heritage Statement. It is essential that you supply Council with all the information required otherwise your application may be rejected.

In the case of a heritage item, the heritage impact statement must include an assessment of significance for the item. The assessment of significance must be sufficient to clearly understand the impact of the proposed works on the heritage values of the place. These values may include landscape values. The assessment must be undertaken in accordance with the Heritage NSW guideline Assessing Heritage Significance and include a statement of significance. Gradings of significance of various components of the place may also be pertinent. The assessment will be used to fill-out Council’s heritage inventory sheet for the property.

In the case of a property within a heritage conservation area, the heritage impact statement must include an assessment of the contribution the property makes to the conservation area. The property must be assessed as being either contributory, neutral or intrusive, and the rationale for the assessment explained.

Your application won’t be formally lodged until it has been checked for accuracy and completeness by Council Officers and the full and correct fees have been paid. If you provide all the needed information, Council Officers will generate an invoice and email it to you for payment. Your application will not be considered as lodged until the application fees have been paid in full.

The application is lodged and accepted by Council once it has been checked, the necessary information has been provided and the fees have been paid. Once this occurs you will receive an email with all your confirmation details. All correspondence is completed through the NSW Planning Portal.

For further information and to access the development application form click here

More information on the NSW Planning Portal can be found here.

Applicants should be advised that we are currently experiencing a higher than usual number of applications. Council Officers are working to implement various initiatives to address and respond to all applicants in a timely manner.

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