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Private driveway crossings from the public roadway to properties are constructed and maintained at the residents’ expense to Council’s specification and under council supervision. Footpaths crossed must be upgraded to support vehicular weight. Supervision fee details and/or quotations for work, or advice to contractors, is available from Council’s Engineering staff or Customer Service Centre.

  • Council do not “issue levels” on Australian Height Datum for driveway construction. Following payment of the Driveway Supervision Fee a Council officer will meet the applicant on site to indicate levels.
  • A standard driveway is 3 metres wide in concrete 125mm thick, with half-metre wings at the kerb layback making 4 metres of reconstruction width.

However many driveways are built to suit site conditions and variations are discussed on site.


Driveway and Footpath Specification

Driveway Plan Model

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