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Why work for Hunter’s Hill Council?

Grow your career with us…the possibilities are endless!

Hunter’s Hill Council is a great place to work.  We are situated just 7 km from the Sydney CBD in one on Sydney’s most beautiful and prime locations.  It is the smallest council in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

We are a collaborative workplace where innovation and professional development is encouraged.  Despite our size, Council has delivered a large range of best practice models and processes, leading to several industry awards.  Our capacity to undertake new projects is supported by our skill at effective collaboration and our regional alliance strategy.

Careers at Council

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At Hunter’s Hill Council we recognise the value of our people and they are our most important asset.  We are committed to achieving a safe and rewarding workplace that is free of unlawful harassment and discrimination.

At Hunter’s Hill Council it is not just what we do, but also how we do it that matters to us.

Council’s HR programs are aligned to our values.  At Hunter’s Hill Council our values are at the HEART of what we do and who we are.   As such, we are represented by the following core values:




Learning and development is an integral part of our culture.  We offer the following opportunities and more:

  • attendance at workshops, seminars, internal and external training conferences
  • tertiary study assistance for relevant courses
  • pre-exam study leave and exam leave
  • leadership development program
  • coaching and mentoring
  • skills training and licence training for works staff

Hunter’s Hill Council employees are employed under the Local Government (State) Award which defines conditions of employment for rates of pay, leave entitlements, hours of work, training and development, and grievance and dispute procedures.

Hunter’s Hill Council’s workforce is made up of full-time, part-time, job sharing, temporary and contact positions and we offer roles in technical, operational and business areas.

Our inclusive workplace ensures diversity and equal opportunities are provided.

Council has an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Management Plan which ensures that our recruitment process is consistent with EEO practice.  The plan aims to promote equal employment opportunities for all employees, and future employees of Hunter’s Hill Council.

To facilitate the success of this plan, seven key objectives have been developed:

  1. Commitment to consultation throughout the development and implementation of EEO planning and outcomes
  2. Policies, procedures and corporate documents contributing to EEO outcomes
  3. Increasing the level of awareness amongst staff of EEO practices and principles
  4. Ensuring all recruitment, appointment, induction and transfer practices conform with EEO principles and demonstrate fair practice
  5. Ensuring all employees have equal access to learning and development opportunities including secondments and acting roles
  6. Promoting a diverse and skilled workplace that is better able to meet the needs of the community; and
  7. Implementing the EEO Management Plan and ensuring regular evaluation and review

As a responsible employer, we are committed to taking proactive measures to ensure our employees are afforded equal access to employment, promotion and learning and development opportunities within our workplace.

To ensure the principles of equality are adopted, Council offers flexible working arrangements for all our staff and other programs will continue to evolve according to our employee needs.

Further information can be found in our EEO Policy and the Disability and Inclusion Action PlanDisability and Inclusion Action Plan

Hunter’s Hill Council is an award winning council surrounded by beautiful harbour foreshores, bushland and a vast number of harbour-side parks and open spaces.

The municipality of Hunter’s Hill is one of the most beautiful in Sydney featuring historic landmarks.  Many television programs and movies have been filmed in the area due to its immense beauty.

Our local area is home to a number of cafes, restaurants and well-known hotels such as Hunters Hill Hotel and Woolwich Pier.

As an employee of Hunter’s Hill Council you will have these beautiful surroundings at your doorstep and will be able to enjoy walks around the beautiful area during your lunchbreak!

Unlike most other locations, there is ample parking available, all day.

Other benefits of working for Council are:

  • flexible work arrangements
  • nine day fortnight for depot staff
  • RDO’s for full-time office staff
  • 15 days sick/carer’s leave per annum
  • paid parental and supporting parent leave (after 12 months continuous service)
  • staff Education Assistance Program
  • ongoing training and development
  • access to a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program
  • access to a staff wellbeing program.

Health and Wellbeing Program – #UMatter

At Hunter’s Hill Council our people are our most important asset. We encourage a culture of wellbeing. Our Health and Wellbeing program is continuously updated and consists of the following:

  • employee assistance program
  • free flu vaccinations
  • health and wellbeing awareness training
  • free health assessments
  • skin cancer screening
  • accredited Mental Health First Aiders onsite.

Reward and Recognition Program

Council recognises that rewarding and recognising staff will empower staff to continue to grow and improve. Some of the components of the Reward and Recognition Program include:

  • opportunities for acting in higher duties
  • employee of the quarter awards
  • annual performance reviews with opportunities for bonus payments and professional development

Employee Benefits

Council Booklet

Council advertises employment opportunities in Positions Vacant  and through a variety of external media such as:

The Weekly Times

Sydney Morning Herald


LG Jobs

Council only accepts applications for advertised positions.


  • Your application will be reviewed against the Selection Criteria.
  • A Selection Panel generally consists of three people – the Manager of the area, another member from the same team or an independent person from another department or from Human Resources.
  • Your suitability will then be compared against the other applicants’ and a short list formulated.
  • If you are successful in being shortlisted, you will be contacted by Human Resources invited in for an interview
  • If your application has been unsuccessful in making the short list you will receive an email advising of this outcome.

The shortlisting process usually takes up to two weeks from the closing date of the position, however, if there is a larger than expected number of applicants, this process may take longer.


You will be asked a set of pre-determined job-related questions to determine how well you meet the selection criteria.

The Selection Panel may also utilise a number of other selection techniques, such as:Case studies – where you are required to read some information and then respond in a set format, for example, responding to a letter from a customer or resident.

Where you are given a relevant topic and asked to present information to the Selection Panel.

Role plays
Where the applicant is required to demonstrate how they would respond to a particular situation, for example, managing a difficult customer.

Examination of work samples
Where the applicant brings along samples of work from previous positions.

Aptitude and ability testing
Where the applicant demonstrates their typing skills, software skills, numerical skills, etc.

If the Selection Committee intends to utilise a selection technique other than a straight-forward interview, you will be advised of this when contact is made to arrange the interview.

You should bring your resume, qualifications, birth certificate or passport, and current Driver’s License with you to the interview.

Post interview

  • The Selection Committee will contact at least two referees for each of the preferred applicants.
  • The preferred applicant/s will be asked to attend a pre-employment medical examination, conducted by an external party. This medical examination is conducted at Council’s expense and is designed to assess your physical and functional capacity to perform the position you have applied for.
  • If the position you have applied for is child-related employment, you will undergo a Working with Children Check, conducted by the NSW Commission for Children & Young People. All details for a Working With Children Check will be provided to you by Council, if necessary  and Council will facilitate this check.
  • If you are unsuccessful after attending an interview you will be notified as soon as the preferred applicant/s has formally accepted the position/s.

Offer of employment

Once all pre-employment checks are completed, the successful applicant/s will be verbally offered the position and any negotiable conditions of employment (eg hours/days of work, commencement date, start and finish times, who to report to on day one, etc) discussed.

The successful applicant/s will then be provided with a written letter of offer of employment.

Current Jobs

Hunter’s Hill Council uses an online application process.  To find out more about available positions please click on the vacancies below.

Ezijob Recruitment


Work Experience

Our work experience program provides students with an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience.

The program assists students to develop specific work skills and to become familiar with a workplace and the expectations of employers.

We are dedicated to providing meaningful industry experience to students in a variety of areas across Council.

Our Work Experience Guide provides further details about our work experience program.

For enquiries or to submit a Work Experience Application Form, please contact Human Resources: or 9879 9400.


Volunteer opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering for Hunter’s Hill Council?  Click on the link for further information

Volunteer Opportunities 

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