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Our plans and report explain the work we’re doing, the goals we want to reach, and our progress to meet our goals.

The Community Plan 2022-2032 represents a vision and framework to guide the aspirations and needs of the Hunters Hill Municipality over the next 10 years.

The Plan does not exist in isolation and is supported by other more detailed plans and strategies, including a Delivery Program with a four year outlook and an Operational Plan with a one year outlook. This integrated framework acts as a ‘blueprint’ and encourages Council to draw the various plans together and understand how they interact to get the maximum leverage from our efforts by planning holistically for the future.

Whilst it is a State Legislative requirement to develop this plan, Council’s role within this process was to provide the platform for the community to have ‘their say’ and document their responses. These valuable contributions strengthened Council’s partnership with all stakeholders and endorsed the distinctive and beneficial role of all partners involved.

This plan should be considered as the basis of our impending prosperity and empower the community to take collective action and responsibility in creating a stronger more connected community.


The Community Plan represents the highest level of strategic planning undertaken by a local council. All other plans developed by the council as part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework reflect and support the implementation of the Community Plan.

The Community Plan 2022-2032 is a plan for the future of the Hunters Hill Municipality. The plan reflects the aspirations and priorities of the community that were identified following a consultation process.

Based on what you said throughout this engagement processes, the plan identifies key themes:

  • Connected and accessible infrastructure
  • Environment, sustainability and open space
  • Community and belonging
  • Character, heritage and places
  • Governance, participation and partnerships

Community Plan

Council’s Resourcing Strategies identify how the goals and aspirations identified in the Community Strategic Plan will be prioritised and achieved.

The Resourcing Strategies are also intended to make clear what elements of the Community Plan the Council will take responsibility for. Other levels of government, business, non-government organisations, community groups and individuals will also have a role in achieving the outcomes of the Community Plan.

Resourcing Strategy

Long-Term Financial Plan

Workforce Management Plan

Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Strategy

Digital and Customer Information Plan

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