Policy Name

Access to Information And Access to Information held by Council

Advertising Signage and A-Frames on Roads and Public Places Enforcement Policy

Asbestos Management Policy

Boat Trailer Parking Policy

Child Protection Policy

Code of Conduct

Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code of Conduct Policy

Code of Meeting Practice

Community Buildings Licensing Policy

Community Garden Policy

Community Grants Policy

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Complaints Handling Policy

Corporate Credit Card Policy

Councillor and Staff Interaction Policy

Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy

Councillor Oath or Affirmation

Data Breach Policy

Delegation of Powers to Deputy Mayor

Delegation of Powers to Mayor

Dinghy Storage on Foreshore & Public Lands Policy

Disposal of Council Land

Donation of Attendance Fees by Councillors

Donations Policy

Enterprise Risk Management Policy

Equal Employment Opportunities Policy

Events on Council Land

Financial Hardship Policy

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy

Internal Reporting Policy

Investment Policy

Local Approvals Policy - Outdoor Dining and Mobile Food Vending

Local Approvals Policy - Trade of Business on Community Land

Managing Conflicts of Interest for Council Related Development Policy

Managing Unreasonable Conduct by Complainants Policy

Media Policy

Memorials Policy

Nature Strips Policy

Pensioner Rates and Charges Reduction Policy

Privacy Management Plan

Procurement and Contract Management Policy

Public Art Policy

Records Management Policy and Program

Reduction or Waiver of Hire Fees for Council Facilities Policy

Related Party Disclosures Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

Social Media Policy

Sponsorship Policy

State Archives Management Policy

State Records Retention and Disposal Policy

Sustainable Event Management Policy

Use of Parks and Reserves

Volunteers Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy

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