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The Hunters Hill Council supports filming and photography in the local area and has hosted all manner of filming customers, ranging from small student films to large scale network productions. Council has a responsibility to our residents, businesses and the local environment to ensure these activities are carried out in a way that minimises disruption and inconvenience.

The following forms are aimed at helping filming customers comply with Council’s regulations, ensuring a smooth and timely application process:

Filming and Photography Application form

For further information, please contact Council’s Customer Service via email to or phone 9879 9400.

Filming conditions

Council’s Filming & Photography Terms and Conditions have been developed in accordance with the Department of Local Government’s Filming Protocol 2009. It is recommended that anyone wishing to film within Hunters Hill reads these conditions prior to submitting an application to Council.

Fees and charges

Refer to Council’s Fees & Charges for all related fees.

Council will consider applications in line with the Department of Local Government’s Filming Protocol 2009 if they are of a non commercial, educational or community service nature and will not impact resident and business access/amenity.

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