Australia Day 2020

Each Australia Day, Hunter’s Hill Council is proud to honour our citizens who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the betterment of our places and people.


The awards

In 2020, the Hunters Hill Australia Day Awards were presented to the following members of our community who were selected for their outstanding service to the Municipality:

  • Citizen of the Year – Gay Harris
  • Young Citizen of the Year – Jordyn Richards
  • Community Event / Project of the Year – Hunters Hill Historical Society


About the recipients

Citizen of the Year – Gay Harris

Gay works tirelessly as a volunteer at IRT aged care facility located at Woolwich. She assists with many outings and events for the elderly residents.Her weekly movie afternoon, where she provides her delicious home made afternoon teas are very popular, and she is always helping residents with the shopping outings, and assisting with their mobility to attend outings and at IRT.

Gay, on what it means to receive the Citizen of the Year award:

“It’s lovely that community-level volunteers are appreciated and valued.

When you have the spare time, and health to do it, community service is a really wonderful and satisfying thing; it’s just a matter of finding the direction, and community need that is the right fit for you.

I have many vivid family memories of volunteer activities from childhood and adolescent days; it was a fundamental part of my old NZ mother’s life – she called it Public Service Time.

The concept of it was private individuals, helping in a modest local community environment, at a grass roots level.

Today we call it volunteering; but the principle, to me, is the same.

I started retirement life volunteering at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; I’d spent a lot of time sitting there in the chemo and radiotherapy treatment areas with my husband, and it seemed like a good place to help with community service.

But it just wasn’t right for me; the patients came and went, and there were so many volunteers.  It was really hard to add value, diversity, or joy in any form, to people’s lives.

RPA was just too big and faceless.

Then, a good friend’s Mum had to move to aged care, and my friend asked me to help her old Mum settle in to the new unknown and unwelcome environment.

And so began my volunteer association with IRT Woolwich, an aged care home.

That was nearly seven years ago.  I’m still there!

I help with anything that adds value of the residents’ day-to-day lives:

  • things like recreational activities, local Hunters Hill outings, shopping, medical appointments, trips to the library, or just being a person to talk to, or make a cup of tea.
  • home-made afternoon teas, birthday cards for family members, and anything that adds diversity to residents’ lives.

I try to be a happy, unobtrusive, useful addition to other people’s lives, where the person has a need.

William Shakespeare gave us a good simile to volunteer efforts, centuries ago, in his play, The Merchant of Venice.

I’m sure you know it:

‘The quality of mercy

is not strained,

It dropeth as the gentle

rain from heaven.

It is twice blessed,

It blesseth him that

gives, and him that


This is so true of volunteer activities:

  • in that it’s rewarding, interesting, and satisfying to me
  • as well as adding quality of life, diversity, stimulation, independence, and value, to people around me.

And isn’t that a joyful thing to do.

I highly recommend, and commend experiencing what pleasure and fulfilment, that volunteer involvement can bring to you.”


Young Citizen of the Year – Jordyn Richards

Jordyn has performed at our Australia Day events over the past five years, and never thought she’d receive this honour. It was our honour to recognise her, as Jordyn has made a truly invaluable contribution over a number of years in service to the local community through the arts, as a talented singer and performer.

Jordyn, on what it means to receive the Young Citizen of the Year award:

“To be nominated and named Young Citizen of the Year for 2020 has been such a humbling experience.

First of all, I want to thank Jenny Nylund for nominating me.

I am blessed such supportive friends and family and a community that pushes me, motivates me, and provides me with the most amazing opportunities.

To have a community of people that believe in you and support you is so beautiful and unique to Hunters Hill, and it is something that I am so thankful for.

To receive this award is an immense honour and as I continue my musical journey, wherever it may take me, I will always remember the place where I began.”


Community Event / Project of the Year – Hunters Hill Historical Society


The Hunters Hill Historical Society was honoured for its community project “A Brief History of Hunters Hill”. This included research and publication of the booklet, which is free of charge and also available online. opens in a new window



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While it is preferable that awards be given to residents of the Municipality, special consideration may be given to a person who has given outstanding service within the Municipality but lives outside its boundaries. Past award recipients are ineligible for nomination; however Council encourages you to renominate unsuccessful candidates from previous years.

Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year Award recognises an individual who, through his or her efforts, has made an outstanding contribution to the community within the Municipality.

Those honoured over the years have come from many walks of life such as the arts, community service and environmental work.

Young Citizen of the Year

The Young Citizen of the Year Award recognises outstanding work or achievement among younger members of our community. Nominees must be 25 years of age or under on Australia Day. The award may be in the area of community service, arts, environment or another area that has contributed or enhanced our community.

Sportsperson/Sports Team of the Year

The Sportsperson/Sports Team of the Year Award recognises outstanding sporting achievement by an individual or team of any age.

Community Event/Project of the Year

The Community Event/Project of the Year Award recognises the achievement of groups within our community rather than individual achievement.

Any non-profit event or project held in the Municipality during 2018 is eligible for nomination.

Environmental Citizen of the Year

The Environmental Citizen of the year Award recognises outstanding environmental contribution to our community by an individual of any age.

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