Guidelines for Participation at Council Meetings

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Guidelines for Public Participation at Council Meetings


Council continues to monitor Australian Government and NSW Health Orders relating to COVID-19 to ensure that our WHS obligations are met for staff and Councillors while also minimising risk to our community.

Consistent with directions for non-essential gatherings and meetings, Council meetings will be modified as follows: 

  • Meetings will be conducted remotely as a result of current COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Members of the public will not be permitted to attend meetings
  • Any speaker wishing to address Council, will not be permitted to attend in person, however will be required to register in the usual manner
  • If a speaker would like to have a submission read aloud to the meeting, a written submission must be submitted via the online form Request to address Council by 12 noon on the day of the meeting
  • A Council staff member will read each submission to the meeting, identifying the name of the person who made the submission
  • Council meetings will continue to be webcast
  • A resident (individual or organisational) or their representative
  • A ratepayer (individual or organisational) or their representative
  • A representative of a local community organisation
  • A representative of a statutory authority
  • A non-judicial matter (ie, one pertaining to Council policy or performance), whether or not it is listed on the agenda – unless the speaker has already spoken on the same matter within the previous three months
    The excluded “judicial” matters are ones where the elected Council acts for the State in exercising adjudicatory powers eg, making determinations on building application and development application matters.
  • An application or matter before the Council for consideration and/or determination
  • A matter not deemed “confidential” – in accordance with NSW Local Government Act 1993
  • During this time of COVID-19, Hunters Hill Council policy is to allow public addresses to Council to be read by Council staff upon the Mayor’s prior approval.Please provide a statement which may be read at the Council meeting as your address. 

    Your statement should be limited to a three (3) minute address. 


  • One address per speaker per meeting which shall be limited to not more than three (3) minutes
  • One which is confined to making statements of fact – questions cannot be accommodated (unless by resolution of Council in accordance with Clause 7 of Code of Meeting Practice)
  • One that may be supported by whatever copies of printed information and images that the speaker can make available – use of audio-visual media cannot be accommodated
  • There is a limitation of two speakers for any one item, with one in support of the recommendation to the Council, and one speaker in opposition (Clause 13.2.(a) of Code of Meeting Practice); (this has been varied by resolution of the Council – to allow the Mayor to have the discretion to
    permit more than two speakers to address the Council on any one item. ).
  • During a period allocated at the beginning of the related item listed on the agenda or special permission by the Mayor.
  • By filling in online the Request to Address Council Meeting form.
  • By lodging a completed request form (including planned address) to the General Manager’s Office by 12.00 noon the day of the nominated meeting.
  • By receiving confirmation from the office of the General Manager that the Request will be accommodated at the nominated meeting – this is subject to scheduling and time limits.
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