Guidelines for Participation at Council Meetings

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Guidelines for Public Participation at Council Meetings

  • A resident (individual or organisational) or their representative
  • A ratepayer (individual or organisational) or their representative
  • A representative of a local community organisation
  • A representative of a statutory authority

Legal representatives acting on behalf of persons other than Council are not to be permitted to address Council or Committee Meetings.


  • An item that is listed on the meeting agenda.
  • An application or matter before the Council for consideration and/or determination
  • A matter not deemed “confidential” – pursuant to the NSW Local Government Act 1993.
  • The following details of the address will be shared with Councillors during the meeting:
    • The name and address of the person addressing the meeting;
    • Related agenda item;
    • Capacity of the person addressing the meeting;
    – Applicant;
    – Owner;
    – Objector;
    – Supporter;
    – Other.
    • Subject of address;
    • Detail of address to be read during the meeting.
  • One which is confined to making statements of fact.
  • There is a limit of six speakers for any one item, with three speakers in support of the recommendation to the Council and three speakers in opposition. If more speakers apply to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ any item of business, the Mayor or, in the Mayor’s absence, the Deputy Mayor or meeting Chairperson, may increase the number of speakers permitted to speak on an item of business.
  • A limit of three minutes for any one speaker – this time can be extended by a resolution of Council.
  • A member of the public may be permitted to address Council via audio video link provided that the member of the public:
    • has available the necessary technology to join the meeting;
    • does not allow others to log onto the audio visual link;
    • ensures there will be minimal background noise or interruption.
  • Approved speakers are to register with the Council any written, visual or audio material to be presented in support of their address to the Council and to identify any equipment needs by 3pm on the business day preceding the meeting. The general manager or their delegate may refuse to allow such materials to be presented.
  • During a period allocated at the beginning of the related item listed on the agenda or special permission by the Mayor.
  • By filling in online the Request to Address Council Meeting form.
  • By lodging a completed request form (including planned address) to the General Manager’s Office by 12.00 noon the day of the nominated meeting.
  • By receiving confirmation from the office of the General Manager that the Request will be accommodated at the nominated meeting – this is subject to scheduling and time limits.
  • You will be advised by email if your request has been approved to speak at an Ordinary Council meeting by 4:30pm on the day of the Council Meeting.
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