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COVID Meeting Guidelines

Council continues to monitor Australian Government and NSW Health Orders relating to COVID-19 to ensure that our WHS obligations are met for staff and Councillors while also minimising risk to our community.

Consistent with directions for gatherings and meetings, Council meetings will be modified as follows:

  • Meetings will resume being held in that chambers. People wishing to attend the public meeting are advised to book by emailing
  • COVID-vulnerable people (people over 70/frail/ immunocompromised) are advised not to attend until they have been vaccinated. If they wish to address Council they may do so via zoom or have their statement read by council officer.
  • People arriving with cold or flu like symptoms will not be permitted to attend.
  • Any speaker wishing to address Council, will be required to register online
  • A speaker may elect to join the meeting:
    • via zoom for the relevant item or
    • elect to have a submission read aloud to the council by a Council Officer or
    • attend the meeting in person.
  • Applications/your written submission, must be submitted via the online form Request to address Council by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.
  • A Council staff member reading submission to the meeting will identify the name of the person who made the submission.
  • Council meetings will continue to be webcast live on Youtube.
  • The Council is required to meet at least 10 times per year, each time in a different month. Council currently elect the 3rd Monday of each month.
  • When a Public Holiday falls on the Monday set down for a meeting, such meeting is to be held on the succeeding Tuesday, unless the Council decides otherwise by resolution.
  • Ordinary meeting times and venues may be varied by specific resolution of Council or by direction of the Mayor. Wherever practicable, public notice of the variation shall be given.
  • A notice of the Meetings of Council and its Committees is placed in the local newspaper specifying the dates, times and places of the meetings for the year. Details of any variations or of Extraordinary Meetings will be advertised before the meeting takes place.

During this time of COVID-19, Hunters Hill Council policy is to allow public addresses to Council

  • via zoom for the relevant item or
  • elect to have a submission read aloud to the council by a Council Officer or
  • attend the meeting in person.

upon the Mayor’s prior approval. Please provide a statement which may be read at the Council meeting as your address in your application form.

Your statement should be limited to a three (3) minute address.

A member of the public may be granted leave to address a meeting of the Council or Committee where the General Manager receives a request no later than 12 noon on the nominated day of the meeting.  This provision is subject to the  guidelines as outlined on the  opens in a new windowGuidelines for Public Participation at Council Meetings page.

Any person seeking to address a meeting under this clause shall complete and lodge the opens in a new windowRequest to Address Council form before 12:00pm on the day of the meeting.


The form is located here

Council meetings are streamed live on our opens in a new windowYoutube channel and are also made available for viewing following the meeting.

Recordings are made available under the Australian version 3.0 Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license. Please note that Council does not release recordings under the Share Alike terms (which means usage such as remixes, adaptations, etc) and does not permit for the creation of derivative works. Usage contrary to the permitted license terms may result in Council taking legal action.

Videos are available to view on Council’s opens in a new windowYouTube channel.

DayDate Month Time
MondayExtraordinary TBASeptember6:00pm


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