Hunters Hill Connect App

Hunters Hill is piloting a new app designed to help people who may be socially isolated stay connected with their support circle and get assistance when they need it.

Our Council is working with community organisations and service providers including Sydney Community Services, SGCH, the Anglican Parish of Hunters Hill, Touched By Olivia and Checked In Care to trial the technology.

The organisations are seeking participants to get involved, either to utilise the Hunters Hill Connect app themselves or as a way to find out more and assist friends and family who may benefit from its use.


The app, once downloaded to a smart phone or tablet, can:

– notify people in your approved support circle when you need assistance;

– detect a change in your daily routine and notify your approved people to ‘check in with you’;

– allow members nominated by you to check your last known location if you are uncontactable;

– connect with your family and local community through updates and photos;

– access social and community services providers for product deliveries and social services;

get updates on local community and Council events and activities.


To get connected please complete the Hunters Hill Connect registration form. Once registered you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

For more information contact


Privacy policy.

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