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Road Safety Program in Hunters Hill

In 2019, Council joined Roads and Maritime Services’ Local Government Road Safety Program by employing a Road Safety Officer (RSO). Together with Transport for NSWNSW Police, and other local councils, the RSO works to continue improving road safety for the community through the delivery of effective road safety education initiatives.

To contact Council’s Road Safety Officers please email

If your query relates to issues around road engineering – speed, visibility, lighting, road surfaces, signage, civil work, infrastructure – please lodge a CRMS via CRMS Web Portal (My CRMS Web) (

The target areas are:

Slow Down, Move Over and Give Space

New Drug and Drink Driving Penalties

Driver fatigue

Safety in school zones

Young children – Child Car Seats

Teaching your Learner Driver (part of the Graduated Licensing Scheme)

Pedestrian safety

Senior drivers

Motorcycle safety

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