Boronia Park Sports and Community Facility

Council is planning for a Sports and Community Facility at Boronia Park, a district-level sport, recreation and nature reserve.

The purpose of the facility is to provide greater community amenity, enabling people of all ages, gender and abilities improved opportunity to participate, spectate and enjoy organised sport at Boronia Park.

Find out more – Drop in to Boronia Park on Saturday 27 March from 10am-12pm.


Draft concept plan

Council adopted a Plan of Management for Boronia Park in April 2020, which provides for a Sports and Community Facility.

This facility will become a Council asset, managed by Council for the use and enjoyment of both sporting clubs and the broader community.

The Hunters Hill Rugby Union Football Club (HHRUFC) has, along with other sporting clubs and schools, been involved in a Stakeholders Working Group to give feedback on concept designs. Community stakeholder meetings have been held with the Hunters Hill Trust, bush care groups and local residents.

HHRUFC will be contributing through fundraising for the project. However, HHRUFC will not have exclusive use of facility, and will have shared use alongside other groups, under a licence from the Council.

Boronia Park is the premier sportsground in Hunters Hill Municipality. It is popular with a range of users, from those participating in organised sports across all seasons, school groups, personal fitness trainers and recreational users.

However, in its current state the park lacks facilities and does not meet the needs of its diverse user groups. The ovals and netball courts currently lack access to accessible toilets, change rooms and storage.

The Sports and Community Facility will be between Ovals 1 and 2, set back from Park Road. It will be located near the other existing sports facilities – the netball courts and Ovals 2 and 3. The building is designed to address deficiencies in the existing facilities and would provide accessible toilets, new change rooms, additional storage, a canteen and community room.

The facility will provide a range of benefits, including:

  • enabling a broader range of users to enjoy Boronia Park;
  • providing accessible facilities to all community members;
  • enhancing security and providing passive surveillance;
  • delivering a new community space for use by the whole community;
  • meeting requirements of relevant sporting codes;
  • showcasing sustainable design and building options;
  • providing contemporary facilities for the Municipality’s premier park.

Funding for the project is to comprise:

NSW Government Stronger Communities Fund $ 1,000,000

Australian Government AusSport program to HHRUFC $ 500,000

HHRUFC fundraising $ 1,500,000

Total $ 3,000,000

Council expects to contribute in in-kind costs through project management and Council officers’ time.

When the development application (DA) is lodged (expected in May 2021) it will be exhibited to the community.

Community feedback on the concept proposal has also been sourced through the Plan of Management process and in consultation meetings with stakeholders, residents, Hunters Hill Trust, Flora and Fauna Society and Bushcare.

The inclusion of a community room in the proposed facility to support general community uses requires a re-categorisation process and public hearing, providing further opportunity for input.

It is expected that a DA will be lodged in May 2021.

The draft design will be presented to a Council meeting.

The DA advertising period will provide a further opportunity for comments and input to the design.

The DA will be assessed by an independent planner and submitted to the Local Planning Panel (LPP) for consideration and determination.

As part of this process, the community will be able to also provide feedback on the proposal and submissions to the LPP.

A licence is proposed for use of the facility by HHRUFC.

The Club has requested a 20-year term.

Legal advice is pending on the terms of the draft licence.

A report on the proposed licence will be presented to a Council meeting for consideration.

Terms and conditions of use will be in line with those of other Community facilities.

Council passed a resolution at a February 2021 meeting noting that the Boronia Park facility will not be available for hire beyond 11pm and with no use at all on Sunday evenings, except with the express permission of Council.

Parking, traffic and noise considerations will be considered as part of the DA process.

  • March/April: Additional stakeholder meetings community drop in session Saturday 27 March.
  • April/May: Final design plans developed and presented to Council.
  • May: Lodge DA.
  • June: Public hearing for land re-categorisation.
  • July: Anticipated date of development consent.
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