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Works on behalf of a Utility Company

If you are carrying out road &/or footpath works on behalf of a Utility, please refer to the ‘Road and/or footpath opening by contractor on behalf of a Utility company information sheet’ before lodgement of this application. Information available on Council website.

Prior to lodgement of this Application

You are highly advised to read and familiarise yourself with Council’s ‘Road and/or footpath openings information sheet’ prior to lodgement of this application. Information available on Council website.

About this Application

  • This application is to seek permission to carry out a road opening in Council owned land (which includes road reserve footpath and nature strip) and carry out the TEMPORARY RESTORATION ONLY.
  • This application may take up to seven (7) working days for assessment and processing, expectation approximately five (5) working days except in difficult matters for assessment and processing. The applicant must allow for this in planning any works.
  • This application is not an automatic approval. Your application will be assessed to determine whether conditional approval may be granted. Council’s Works & Services Department will contact the applicant to arrange a joint inspection to determine the site area and cost of works upon the application being successful. Once the identified costs have been paid, written approval to carry out works shall be issued to the applicant. If an application is refused, the applicant will be notified in writing.
  • No works will be permitted until formal notification from Council is received in writing by the applicant.
  • Once the temporary restoration has been completed to Council standards and inspected by Councils Works & Services Department, Council will complete the permanent restoration within 90 days.
  • Any works on a state road, regional road or within 100m of traffic signals requires a Road Occupancy License (ROL) to be obtained from the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). A copy of the ROL must be attached when submitting the application to Council

Application fees

In addition to this the applicant shall refer to Council’s restoration chargers and pay the appropriate fees, based on the area or length to be opened.

Before completing the table below, the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ROAD AND FOOTPATH OPENING PERMIT (page 3-7) must be followed, as compliance is essential.

For the relevant Paving Material type & Rate please refer to the Schedule of restoration charges financial year 2019/2020 on page 7-8.


Fees and charges

Application fee $175

There is a non-refundable application fee for each Road Opening Application

If your proposed opening is in conjunction with a driveway application and within the frontage of your property then you should read the Driveway & Ancillary Works Application process.

You need to submit this application if you are looking to carry out any of the following Road &/or Footpath works in Council land:

  • Stormwater Connection/Repair
  • Sewer Connection/Repair
  • Water Connection/Repair
  • Electricity Connection/Repair
  • Gas Connection/Repair
  • Other Utility Connections/Repair
  • Any Investigative works in Council land

Below, you will find information on the steps required in order to obtain Road &/or Footpath opening approval. It is important you read the following steps and information carefully before lodging an application.

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