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Hunter’s Hill Council will commence work on footpath and traffic projects designed to boost pedestrian and traffic safety.

It comes in response to community feedback about spots in and around Reiby Road and Prince Edward Street.

Councillors voted unanimously at a meeting on Monday October 28, 2019, to build a footpath on the western side of Reiby Road to improve safety for students of Hunters Hill High to walk to school.

The schedule of works will aim to have the footpath constructed as soon as practicable.

Council will continue to monitor pedestrian activity of students for all schools and village precincts, with a bi-annual safety audit to be brought to the Local Traffic Committee.

In Prince Edward Street, Gladesville, additional measures to calm traffic will be introduced, following a decision of Council on October 28. These include:

  • developing a plan to make the street, northbound, a residents only access road to end ‘rat-running’ down the street;
  • investigating closing Tarban Street to northbound traffic, making it a residents only access road;
  • writing to Roads and Maritime Services seeking a solution to the placement of the right-hand turn lane onto Manning Road to avoid ‘rat-running’ along through to Pittwater Road;
  • engaging with the local member, Anthony Roberts MP, to resolve the placement of the right-hand turn and to investigate the best alternatives for Hunters Hill-bound traffic.

“The community has told us it appreciates the work that’s been done to date, including installation of two speed humps,” Mayor Mark Bennett said.

Council has also previously held workshops with residents and liaised with local police.

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