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February 11, 2020

MEDIA RELEASE Gale Street Power Outage

A major weather event on Sunday has caused a significant number of trees to fall across the Hunters Hill LGA.

Hunter’s Hill Council Works Team have been working consistently and closely with emergency services and the NSW SES volunteers to remove all hazards, fallen trees and debris and secure any risks.

A large tree fell from a private property across Gale Street, Woolwich, taking down power lines. The power lines are currently live. Residents are reminded that fallen powerline can be deadly and you need to keep well away from them. For your own safety, you need to stay at least 8 metres or 2 car lengths away.

NSW Police provided traffic management on Monday 10 February. Council will manage traffic through the peak periods.

Ausgrid is working through a huge volume of major critical issues. Current advice is that Ausgrid will attend to the issue on Gale Street before Friday 14 February. This incident affects power to properties in the area. Residents are advised to check the power outage map on Ausgrid’s website for updates https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Outages/Power-outages

The fallen tree cannot be removed until the power issue has been addressed by Ausgrid.

Due to the height of low hanging power lines and the danger associated, trucks and buses have been advised not to enter this section of the LGA. Alternate waste services for affected residents are being explored.

We understand that this causes significant inconvenience to residents and we are keen to support our community in this time. Council welcomes residents to access power in the Hunters Hill Town Hall to recharge devices. We will continue to provide updated communication with residents as soon further information is available.

Advice from Ausgrid regarding extended outages includes:

  • leave one light switched on so you will know as soon as the power is restored
  • tune into your local radio station with a battery operated radio or the car radio for power restoration updates
  • you can also get power restoration updates from Ausgrid on social media including Facebook or Twitter
  • assist your neighbours where possible but remember safety first
  • switch off and unplug sensitive electrical and electronic equipment – this may include your TV, computer, hi-fi system, or DVD player use a generator with extreme caution. Generators should only be used to power appliances directly plugged into them. Do not connect the output to the house switchboard or wiring because this can cause a safety risk for our workers. Download our safety sheet for more information.
  • avoid opening the fridge or freezer door – make a note of the time you lost power so you can gauge if the food in your fridge is safe to consume.

The NSW Food Authority advises: if power is out for more than 4 hours food in fridges can spoil. Keep the refrigerator door closed as much as possible freezers will usually not defrost and allow food to spoil for at least 24 hours, provided the door has been kept shut.

For further comment, please contact Hunters Hill Council on 98799400.

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