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Neighbour Day

March 29, 2020

Neighbour Day, an initiative of not-for-profit organisation Relationships Australia, is the nation’s annual celebration of community that encourages people to connect with those who live nearby.

Given the current public health situation (COVID-19), Relationships Australia says it understands that some people may be required, requested or choose to self-isolate. With that in mind, it shares some ideas about ways to create connections that are not face-to-face, yet will make a positive difference.


Creating connections in other ways 

By Relationships Australia

Neighbour Day is a great way to encourage people across all communities to build and strengthen their social connections.

Given the public health challenges the world is currently facing we understand that getting together physically for some people may not be feasible and that’s why we encourage everyone to find other ways to connect and engage with their neighbours and communities – that may not be face-to-face.

The need for connections and support is even more important when so many (already vulnerable) people are being asked to self-isolate. Neighbour Day 2020 is an opportunity to expand our connections and understanding of community and ‘neighbours’ in the broadest sense. Because every day is Neighbour Day!

We’ll be sharing more tips on social media in the coming weeks. Remember though, you may need to be creative – as not everyone is online!*

  1. Leave a friendly opens in a new windowcalling or connection card for your neighbour (in their letterbox or under the front door). Include your phone number and say if ever they feel like some company, they are very welcome to call you for a chat. You could also leave a toilet roll as a very neighbourly gift!
  2. For those with smartphones and/or a PC or MAC – You could start a opens in a new windowWhatsApp group for the street section you live on and drop a card off to neighbours to see if they want to join in. It just takes someone to get it started and a great way to share messages and connect!
  3. Share neighbourly messages on your social media accounts – Maybe even post a pic with the opens in a new windowNeighbour Day selfie-sign (Create Connections) to show the world that we are still connected despite the current public health challenges – and that we are there for each other.
  4. Very Neighbourly Organisation Nextdoor opens in a new window -The Neighbourhood Hub‘s mission is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighbourhood to rely on. Nextdoor can help you to stay connected during these challenging times.

* We recommend that people make themselves aware of the public health authorities’ advice and only do whatever neighbourly actions that they are comfortable with.

Visit  opens in a new windowhttps://www.health.gov.au/ to stay up to date and informed, so that you can keep your neighbourhood healthy.

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