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Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

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Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) informs land use planning in the Hunters Hill local government area for the next 20 years.

It is a vision for the future of the Hunters Hill.

Hunters Hill 2040: the vision

The LSPS sets out:

  • Council’s and the community’s vision for land use in the local government area;
  • The special characteristics that contribute to our local identity;
  • Shared community values to be maintained and enhanced; and
  • How growth and change will be managed into the future.

The Municipality of Hunters Hill is home to a diverse and engaged community who value and protect its heritage, green landscape, bushland, biodiversity and waterways, while taking the lead in its own future.

Empowered by its community, Hunters Hill will be a well-managed inner-city suburban area; a place enriched with inspiration and pride; where the built and natural environment showcase the embracing of heritage values, carefully-planned progress, innovation, inclusiveness, connectivity and resilience.

Hunters Hill will retain its predominantly low-scale residential setting, nestled in a green tree canopy. New life will be given to the Gladesville Town Centre and the former Gladesville Hospital site for the benefit of the community. The village centres will be revitalised, enhancing their distinctive character.


Five local precincts are the focus for Council’s initiatives under the LSPS:

  • Gladesville Town Centre
  • Hunters Hill Village
  • Boronia Park Village
  • Woolwich Corner Village/Garibaldi Village
  • Gladesville Hospital Precinct

Growth and change in these precincts will focus on ‘place-making’, enabling growth and change to activate these places for people and business, while protecting their character and heritage.


Community feedback on the draft LSPS through workshops and pop-up kiosks in each of the precincts and a public exhibition period will be used to finalise the document.

The LSPS has also been informed by the Hunters Hill Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028

Council’s approach to preparing the draft LSPS was to build on the work of the recently adopted CSP as well as other consultations as part of the 2018 Precinct Meetings and recent work by Place Partners.

The CSP vision for land use planning is focused on maintaining character and managing development and growth. To do this, Council will use place-making principles to inform land planning and land management decisions to enhance the established character of Hunters Hill and to stimulate the activation of key places and centres to address housing, business and community needs for our people.

Planning context

All Councils are required to prepare a LSPS, under direction from the NSW Government and the Greater Sydney Commission.

Once the LSPS has been finalised with the Greater Sydney Commission and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and adopted by Council, it will be implemented alongside Council’s other management plans and reflected in land use plans and where required, the LEP and DCP.


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