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Hunter’s Hill Council is undertaking a revision and updating of the Plan of Management for Boronia Park.

The Plan of Management is also being updated to enable Council and the community to determine the scope of two State Government grants that will benefit the Park’s facilities, enjoyment and management:

  • $1 million for the Boronia Park Sports Precinct Upgrade Project – to enhance the sporting opportunities and facilities on offer at the Park
  • $200,000 for an all-abilities all-ages playspace

Boronia Park is a 24.2 hectare district park in Hunter’s Hill, situated along the lower reaches of the Lane Cove River.

Boronia Park is the largest area of open space in Hunter’s Hill. The Park offers a rare combination of natural bushland areas, managed parkland settings, and developed sports fields and facilities that are not found elsewhere in the local government area.

The Park is a Crown Reserve (No. 500262) managed by Hunter’s Hill Council. Around half the park is zoned RE1 Public recreation and the rest zoned E2 Environmental conservation. It is the largest park in Hunter’s Hill Municipality and the premier sportsground. The bushland contains Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest, an endangered ecological community, and the walking tracks form part of the Great North Walk.

The Park:

  • protects three endangered ecological communities, and provides valuable habitat for a range of native animals including several threatened species, with information signs explaining these values to visitors
  • is part of a regionally significant wildlife corridor linking Sydney Harbour and Lane Cove National Park
  • is the focus of on-going weed control and bush regeneration measures
  • is a listed heritage feature under Council’s LEP, and includes several items of Aboriginal cultural heritage significance and European historic heritage value
  • provides three full-sized sports fields (two floodlit)
  • has been a venue for rugby union for over 100 years, and includes the historic grandstand at Oval No. 1
  • includes a turf cricket wicket (at Oval No. 1) and three high standard, lockable, cricket practice nets
  • has two sealed and one grassed netball courts
  • has a junior playground and a mixed age playground
  • has a range of scattered park and picnic furniture
  • is heavily used by people enjoying casual or independent leisure and recreation activities
  • is a popular venue for personal trainers, fitness groups, dog-walkers and other small group users
  • is an important visual element for both the local streetscape as well as views to and from the area
  • is traversed by the Great North Walk and offers a choice of internal bushland walking tracks
  • is the venue for community events such as the annual Moocooboola Festival, Food and Wine Festival and Carols by Candlelight
  • provides access to the Lane Cove River; and
  • performs valuable stormwater management and water quality functions.

Hunter’s Hill Council is currently updating the existing Boronia Park Plan of Management, adopted by opens in a new windowHunter’s Hill Council in 2015 , to provide a framework to guide the management and future use of the Park.

In 2019, Council appointed Gondwana Consulting to revise the existing PoM and liaise with park users, neighbours, stakeholders and the wider community to prepare the new plan.

The Draft PoM addresses issues relating to the managing the landscape, flora and fauna and natural and cultural heritage values, the activities and facilities for organised sport and independent leisure and recreation, the overall sustainability of the park, as well as managing any new projects. It includes objectives, describes current uses and conditions, details proposed actions and management strategies and provides a concept plan.

The Draft PoM has been prepared following detailed assessment of the relative legislative documentation, comprehensive analysis of the site conditions and user patterns, and thorough stakeholder and community consultation. It follows months of research and extensive community consultation.

Hunter’s Hill Council resolved on October 28, 2019 (Meeting No 4470) to exhibit the opens in a new windowDraft Boronia Park Plan of Management and associated Landscape Concept Plan. (hyperlink to 2019 draft PoM)

The draft PoM includes two important new projects, both to be funded via State Government grants:

  • $200,000 for an all ages, all abilities playspace.
  • $1 million for the Boronia Park Sports Precinct Upgrade project – to enhance sporting opportunities and facilities.

The Draft PoM included options for the location of a new all ages, all abilities playground and a new sports / community facility in Boronia Park. However, there are no draft concept plans currently in place for the playspace, the sports precinct upgrade or a sports / community facility.

The outcomes from the Draft Boronia Park PoM will determine what aspects (design, users, location, etc.) will need to be incorporated into a facility that meets the needs of sporting groups and the local community. The information and feedback gained from community consultation will assist in shaping the design and location of the projects.

The PoM is important to the entire Hunters Hill community and to those users who reside outside the local government area. Council is committed to working with all stakeholders in determining the best path forward.

The Draft PoM was on exhibition from December 2019 to March 6, 2020. Council has received an overwhelming response from the community via surveys, phone calls, letters and emails.

Now that the exhibition period has closed, submissions are being considered and a further report will be presented to Council, at a date to be determined.

During the 2018 Moocooboola Festival The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP announced a $1 million dollar grant for the Boronia Park Sports Precinct. The details of the announcement included upgrading existing facilities to meet the needs of all groups in the community.

opens in a new windowThe Hon. Anthony Roberts MP Media Release

The Hunters Hill Rugby Club and Cricket Club developed a draft feasibility study and concept plan for a sporting facility. Council was not involved in this development. The outcomes from the Draft Boronia Park PoM will determine what aspects (design, users, location, etc) will need to be incorporated into a facility that meets the needs of sporting groups AND the local community/community groups.

A Development Application would be required for a community/sporting facility with further periods outside the exhibition period of the Draft PoM required.

Council is committed to working with all stakeholders in determining the best path forward.

Earlier in 2019 the Hunters Hill Playground Advisory Group looked at a number of sites for an all ages, all abilities playspace. Consideration was given to Riverglade Reserve, as an area located below The Priory was recommended in the 2013 Riverglade Reserve PoM. However, due to concerns relating to the Reserve Flying-fox colony and a preference for a centralised location in Hunters Hill, the Playground Advisory Group reviewed sites outlined in the 2015 Boronia Park PoM.


Whilst the Advisory Group felt that upgrading the existing playground in High Street, Boronia Park had merit, the conditions of the State Government Grant that Council was successful in gaining outlined that existing facility upgrades would not be eligible for that particular grant.

The Playground Advisory Group then reviewed an area on Park Road that was cited in the 2015 PoM for a youth play space. It was felt that this location would meet the needs of the community and fulfil the grant guidelines.

Further to this Council resolved at its Meeting on 13 May 2019 (Meeting No. 4459):

  1. That the Minutes be received and noted.
  2. That Council support the Boronia Park North West site as identified in the Boronia Park Plan of Management as the preferred location for the proposed inclusive playspace.
  3. That community consultation regarding the preferred site be undertaken as part of the broader community engagement process that will occur during the update of the Boronia Park POM.
  4. That Council approve the Inclusive Playspace Project Panel to seek funds via donations or sponsorship to match the ‘Everyone Can Play’ Grant.
  5. That Council looks for an opportunity in September to hold a community event to raise additional funds for the playground.

Outcomes and options from the current review of the PoM will determine design concepts and location.

For details about the guidelines relating to playspaces please read:  opens in a new windowEveryone Can Play Guideline

For details specifically relating to the Council Grant Guidelines please read:  opens in a new windowCouncil Grant Guidelines

An executed funding agreement between the Department of Planning and Environment and Hunter’s Hill Council contains the definitions and terms of the playspace grant. This is a legal document not publicly available. It follows the Council Grant Guidelines link on the Department’s website.

Council resolved at its Meeting of 28 October 2019 (Meeting No. 4470):

That a pump track (beginners, immediate and advanced) at Finlay’s Paddock be included in the exhibition of the draft PoM.

The Landscape Concept Plan associated with the draft PoM includes potential locations for the BMX/mountain biking area.

Council worked with the Boronia Park Community Advisory Group (CAG) to finalise timelines, review community feedback and understand the parameters of a draft PoM.

The CAG is made up from members of local environment groups, sporting clubs, and schools with some members also being local residents.

The terms of reference for the CAG are outlined below:

  • Be actively involved and work in a collaborative manner in supporting the review of the Plan of Management.
  • Provide expertise and feedback into the consultation processes and strategies associated with the process for preparing the amended Plan of Management.
  • Assist in the communication of the process and ultimate outcome.
  • Encourage broad ownership of the Plan of Management.
  • Commit to the meetings and the process.


  • Councillor  Miles
  • Councillor Williams
  • Councillor Krassoi
  • Boronia Park PS
  • Gladesville Ravens Netball Club
  • Hunters Hill Bush Land
  • Hunters Hill Rugby Union Club
  • Hunters Hill Trust
  • Ryde Hunters Hill Cricket Club
  • Ryde Hunters Hill Fauna and Flora

A resident representative from Park Road joined the CAG prior to CAG Meeting 3 held 14 August 2019.

Council Officers to provide technical support:

  • Director Service Delivery and Special Projects:  George El Kazzi
  • Acting Manager, Community Services

In terms of participation requirements, members will be required to:

  • Participate in meetings/workshops over the next 6 months.
  • Participate in a group/team setting.
  • Listen and be respectful of diverse opinions.
  • Share their passion and vision for the Precinct

Minutes of the Boronia Park CAG are provided as follows:





Presentations made during CAG Meetings by members of the CAG are the property of the CAG members and/or the organisation that the CAG members represent. Council has not made presentations on behalf of CAG members.

Council has published a series of newsletters during this period to keep the community informed and up to date on the preparation of the PoM.

“What’s happening at Boronia Park” newsletters can be found below: hyperlinks needed

As part of this process, a public hearing for the proposed park re-categorisations was held on Thursday February 27, 2020, at Hunter’s Hill Town Hall. The scope of the public hearing was to receive verbal and written submissions about the proposed re-categorisation and any issues which may impact on categorisation.

The submission period to comment on the proposed re-categorisation closed on Friday, March 6, 2020.

The independent facilitator is now preparing a written report to Council outlining the submissions and comments made at the hearing and recommendations for either changing or not changing the proposed re-categorisation based on the submissions and comments. Other issues could be raised in a written submission as part of the public exhibition.

The Public Hearing Report on the proposed re-categorisation of Boronia Park will be made available to the public within 4 days of Council receiving it.

Further information regarding the public hearing:

Both the Draft PoM exhibition period and submission period to comment on the proposed re-categorisation have now closed.

Submissions are now being considered.

Further reports will be presented to Council at a date to be determined.

This site will be updated as further information is available.

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