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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Draft Hunters Hill Section 94A Developer Contributions Plan 2013

Exhibition of Draft Hunters Hill Section 94A Developer Contributions Plan 2013 - 16 October to 13 November 2013

On Monday 14 October 2013 Council resolved to make two amendments to its s94a Developer Contributions Plan to provide immediate funds for urban design improvements in Hunters Hill Village. A sum of $150,000 is required to enable the urban design work to be coordinated with the construction currently underway in the village area.
Council’s section 94A Development Contributions Plan (s94A) came into effect On 31 August 2011. This plan was adopted to assist Council to maintain and improve the standard of its community infrastructure.

The plan consists of two parts, the first part specifies a levy for all development with a value over $100,000 and the administrative requirements for this levy, the second part is a works schedule. The works schedule is a five year work plan that lists the 32 community infrastructure projects Council identified it would undertake between 2011 and 2016 using s94a funds.

Item No. 1 in the works schedule is to “undertake urban design improvements and provide entry points (upgrade pavements and increase landscaping) in the Hunters Hill Village”. It was estimated $100,000 of s94A funds would be required to complete this work. To date, $89,845 has been spent on studies providing contextual information about the Hunters Hill Village and a design for landscaping, café seating, pavement upgrade, traffic improvements and a welcome sign. Three quotes have been received for physically implementing the urban design improvements and they range from $106,593 to $144,761(excluding GST). One option for providing funding for this work is to re-prioritise the allocation of s94A contributions.
Under the s94A plan $400,000 of funding was allocated between 2013 and 2014 to build an amenities block and install other facilities such as tables, chairs and shade structures at Riverglade Reserve. The plan for these facilities has not yet been completed and even if funding is reduced by $150,000 the remaining $250,000 is sufficient for all the initial stages of the project. Therefore it is proposed to transfer the necessary funds to carry out landscaping, seating, pavement upgrade, traffic improvements and the installation of a welcome sign in Hunters Hill Village.

A complete review of the s94A plan is scheduled for late 2014. By this point the final outcome of the State Government’s “New Planning System” will be known and the revised s94A plan can be prepared in an altered form if required. The update will involve an assessment of all revenue and expenditure associated with the s94A plan and show completed projects and extend the work schedule for community infrastructure to 2021. During this review it is intended the money transferred from the Riverglade Reserve Amenities and Facilities project will be reinstated.

Under the provisions of the EP& A Regulation 2000 the Council must publicly exhibit any changes to its s94A plan for a period of 28 days. The method for making amendments is to make a new plan. Therefore the amended plan is referred to as a draft document. This draft plan is provided via the link below and the changes made in the work schedule are shown in bold.

Submissions about the Draft Section 94a Plan will be received until 4:00PM on Wednesday 13 November 2013. Submissions must be addressed to the General Manager and may be emailed or posted to the following:

General Manager
Mr Barry Smith
Hunter’s Hill Council
PO Box 21
Hunters Hill 2110

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