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Friday, May 03, 2013

Selected Art Work List 2013

Thank you to everyone who entered the 59th Hunters Hill Art Exhibition.

As always the judges found the selection very tough with so many fantastic art works to choose from to create the Exhibition.

Listed by artist below is the Hunters Hill Art Exhibition 2013 selected art works list. (selected only)

Surname First Name Title Title of Entry Medium
Adzic Sladjana Mrs 'Journey of the Koi' Oil on Canvas
Alcorn Adam Mr Nick Oil
Alcorn Adam Mr Edge Oil
Alexander Suzanne Mrs. 'Currawong' Acrylic
Alexander Jane Ms Immersion Acrylic Mixed Media
Allman Connie Mrs The Forest Ink
Anderson Pat Mrs Encompassing Porcelain Clay
Anderson Pat Mrs Leda's Daughter Porcelain Clay
Anderson Pat Mrs Reclining Female II Porcelain Clay
Anderson-Moore Sally Mrs Clovelly Oil Pastel and Ink
Anderson-Moore Sally Mrs Black Wattle Bay Oil Pastel and Ink
Anderson-Moore Sally Mrs "Garibaldi ""Now""" Oil Pastel and Ink
Ashcroft Julie Ms. "Clock Tower, Newtown 2012" Raku Clay Sculpture
Attard Charles Mr. Legionnaire Helmet Mixed Medium
Attard Charles Mr. Trapped Within Mixed Medium (lead & copper)
Ballard Kristine Mrs Kaleidoscope Cavalry Oil on Canvas
Ballard Kristine Mrs Riverside Reflections Oil on Canvas
Barfod Gail Mrs Tidal Mark Acrylic & Crayon (Mixed Media)
Barlow Simon Mr Eucalyptus Rhodanthe Acrylic on Canvas
Barrett Roslyn Ms Rooftops Watercolour
Barrett Roslyn Ms Sydney Wet Watercolour
Bauhof Richard Mr GangGang Cockatoo Linocut Handcoloured
Beck Louise Mrs """Tea With The Princess""" Mixed Medium
Bennett Jane Ms Sydney Harbour Control Tower from Moores Wharf II Acrylic on Paper
Bennett Jane Ms Millers Point And Barangaroo From The Harbour Control Tower "Ink, Gouache, Pastel On Paper"
Bennett Deborah Ms. House in Currarong Oil
Bennett Deborah Ms. Clara Oil
Bennett Jane Ms Sydney Harbour Control Tower From Moore's Wharf Oil on Canvas
Bennett Jane Ms "The Blacksmith, Eveleigh Railway Workshops" Oil on Canvas
Berling Robyne Ms. Memories Of Winter In Finland Acrylic
Berling Robyne Ms. View To Monkey Mia W.A. Oil
Bishop Wendy Ms Morning of the Carnival (Manha de Carnaval) Mixed Medium
Black Gay Mrs Gina's Gifts Pencil
Braitling Terry Mrs. """Flight of the Butterfly""" Hand Col. Print
Brancatisano Helen Mrs """Witness To Calamity #2""" Dry Point
Brancatisano Helen Mrs """Portent""" Mezzo Tint (hand-rocked)
Brooke John Mr. Blue Moon Rising Welded Steel on Timber Post
Brown Julie Ms Lisianthus With Pears Oil
Brown Julie Ms "Goddess Peak, Yangtze Gorge" Oil
Brown Julie Ms The Japonese Vase Oil
Burns Stephanie Ms Two Artists And A Writer Acrylic on Board
Byron Evelyn Mrs. A Room With A View Oil
Byron Evelyn Mrs. """On The Beach - Balmoral""" Oil
Caldis Stephen Mr. Casurina Blue Oil on Board
Caleo Justin Mr. Between The Gums Oil on Canvas
Carboni Raewyn Mrs 'Sofala' Oil on Panel
Carver Malcolm Mr Peaceful On Clarence River II Watercolour
Cassidy Rubi Mrs Conversations With My Cat Oil on Canvas
Chanter Bruce Mr Coffee in St. Germain - Paris Oils
Chen Chow Susanna Ms. Rain Over Lavendar Bay Mixed Media
Chew Ah Too Ms. "Waterfall - Dinner Plain, Victoria" Oil on Canvas
Cirkovic Adriana Ms """Cockatoo Cranes""" Screenprint
Cirkovic Adriana Ms Dry Dock - Cockatoo #2 Screenprint & Watercolour
Clarence Paul Mr """Welcoming 2013 At Clarkes Point""" Oil
Clark Janine Ms White Line Mixed Medium
Clark Janine Ms LOL - (Laugh Out Loud) "Sculpture, Metal, Cement"
Clarke Simon Mr Crossings Lino Print
Clarke Simon Mr Leaf Mesh "Sculpture: Steel, Wood, Cement"
Coady Nicola Ms Lagoon Handcoiled stoneware/crystalline glaze
Cockle Anne Mrs Still Life With Pot Mixed Media & Collage
Cockle Anne Mrs Traverse Mixed Medium
Collyer Michelle Mrs The Text Queen Pastel on Watercolour Paper
Cook Peter Mr "Last Light Over The Canyon, Arizona" Acrylic
Cook Peter Mr The Old Power Station Acrylic
Cooper Meredith Mrs Mermaid Cave Track II Oil on Canvas
Cowley Carrasco Susan Mrs. """Gum Nuts""" Oil on Canvas
Crutchfield Staci Miss Speckled Pond Hand Thrown Clay with Celadon Glaze
Crutchfield Staci Miss Sky Pond Handthrown Clay Sagar Fired
Crutchfield Staci Miss Blue Trees Wheel Thrown Terracotta
Damanik Jayanto Mr Embrace Steel & Concrete
Damanik Jayanto Mr Playground Toys and Resin
Davidson Anne Mrs View from Matisse's Home - Vence Acrylic
Davidson Barbara Mrs """The Thrill Of A Win 2""" Etching Collagraph
Davidson Anne Mrs Cezanne Country Oil
Davidson Anne Mrs "Rouen, Provence" Oil
Davidson Anne Mrs "Vaucluse, Provence" Oil
Davies Sylvia Ms Le Femme "Mixed Media, Acrylic"
Davis Cilla Mrs. Rebirth 1 Mixed
Davis Sally Ms """James With Rose Stem""" Oil on Linen
Davis Sally Ms Bus Stop On The Edge Of Suburbia - 1966 Oil on Linen
Davis Sally Ms "Urban Picnic - Winter, 1965" Oil on Linen
Davison Barbara Mrs Mushrooms Watercolour
Devenport Susie Ms. """Race Ends""" Gouache & Ink
Devenport Susie Ms. """Seraphina""" Oil on Canvas
Dion Dana Mrs Harbour Diversions Acrylic & Oil & Oil Pastel/Canvas
Dion Dana Mrs Canonical 1 "Ink, Pastel, Graphite, Gess, Charcoal/Paper"
Duncan Cheryl Ms View from Neilson Park Oil
Dunlevie Eugenia Mrs """Darby Street""" Pastel - on pastel paper
Dunlevie Eugenia Mrs """Poppy-Vista""" Pastel on pastel paper
Dyer Billie Ms. Billabong Mixed Media
Dyumin Yelena Mrs Above The Clouds Acrylic On Canvas
Eckhard Susan Mrs Entwined Acrylic on Canvas Board
Edmonds Judith Ms Fuchsia x hybrida Watercolour
Edmonds Judith Ms Bracteantha bracteata 'Mallee Sun' Watercolour
Enright Barbara Mrs The Old Boatshed Acrylics
Enright Barbara Mrs The Cottage Oils on Stretch Canvas
Enright Barbara Mrs On The Street Where I Live - 2 Pen & Wash
Enright Barbara Mrs On The Street Where I Live - 1 Watercolour (Pen & Wash)
Erbsland Angelika Mrs. """Figures In The Landscape""" Mixed Media
Fairburn Pamela Mrs """Water Wanderings""" "Watercolour, encaustic wax on bamboo paper"
Fairfax Rachel Ms "Cockatoos, Coogee (Yellow and Green)" Oil on Canvas
Fallone Mark Mr """On Arrival""" Recycled Sandstone
Fallone Mark Mr Mondrian Bowl Recycled Sandstone
Ferguson Sabrina Ms The Blue Swimsuit (Woolwich Baths) Pastel
Finlayson Felicia Ms Shades of Landscape Acrylic
Finlayson Felicia Ms Impression of Cradle Mountain Gouache
Fish Mike Mr Still Life Oil
Fish Mike Mr White Magic Oil
Fisher Angus Mr 'The Kraken' Ink & Watercolour
Fisher Angus Mr 'Lorikeets' Ink and Watercolour
Fisher Bev Mrs """A Harbour, Its Foreshores, Its People""" Ink on Paper
Fisher Adam Mr 'Through The Trees' Oil on Canvas
Galbraith Linda Ms The Viceroy's Excess "Intaglio, hand colouring"
Garrett Fran Mrs Capertee Valley I Pastel
Garrett Fran Mrs Capertee Valley II Pastel
Garritano-Provencher Sandra Ms """Just Blue""" Mixed Medium
Gerlach Dianne Mrs Everest 251 Acrylic on Canvas
Giovanelli Kath Mrs Bouddi National Park Mixed
Giovanelli Kath Mrs """Still Life""" Mixed Media
Gokalp Mertim Mr Girl Reading A Book Drawing on Paper
Gokalp Mertim Mr Waiting Oil on Canvas
Gokalp Mertim Mr Separation Oil on Linen
Gosper Debianne Louise Ms 'Day Dreaming' Watercolour
Gosper Debianne Louise Ms """Under The Jetty""" Watercolour & Gouache
Gourlay Chrys Mrs En Route to Broken Hill Acrylic
Grant Susan Ms Turnips Watercolour
Griffen Peter Mr Leg Break Acrylic On Paper On Board
Grzybowski Maria Ms Wilderness Acrylic on Canvas
Guest Melissa Mrs Kitchen Landscape 1 Mixed Media
Guest Melissa Mrs The Piano Room Mixed Medium
Hammond Christine Mrs Giverney Oil
Hansen Ian Mr. Bolero Oil on Linen
Harkness Bruce W Mr """Autumn Amish Country""" Acrylic on Canvas
Harkness Bruce W Mr """Blue Moon""" Acrylic on Canvas
Harris Jill Ms. Translation #5 Print
Harris Jill Ms. Composition in Three Movements Print
Harrison Amanda Ms """Connections I""" Ceramic - Glazed Stoneware
Harrison Amanda Ms """From The Ashes""" Ceramic - Pit Fired Earthern ware
Harrison Amanda Ms """Out On The Town""" Ceramic - Pit Fired Earthernware
Hatchwell Lyndsey Ms. Sydney Harbour Unplugged Lithograph (pencil etching)
Hatchwell Lyndsey Ms. My Carapace Has No Face Metal
Heber Liz My Hundertwasser Mixed Medium
Hennessey Maureen Mrs Chilly Morning Oil
Hildebrandt Johanna Ms Wetlands Ceramic - Glazes
Hildebrandt Johanna Ms Midnight Ceramic - Glazes
Ho Wai Ping (Argo) Mr Up Bronze
Hogan Christine Ms Simple Fare Acrylic
Holland Christine Mrs Out of the Cellar Mixed Medium
Hughes Lisa Ellen Ms Twilight Acrylic
Hull Karen Mrs All Sorts Of Temptation Mixed Media
Hull Karen Mrs The Light Within Mixed Media
Hull Karen Mrs Asking For Directions Mixed Media
Hull Karen Mrs Confusion Mixed Media
Hungerford Judy Ms The Road Home Acrylic
Hungerford Judy Ms After the Fires Acrylic on Canvas
Hungerford Judy Ms "When It's Gone, It's Gone (Numbat Watches)" Acrylic on Canvas
Hunt Jana Ms Homeward Oil on Canvas
Hunt Nicole Miss Curious Pencil
Hunter Tina (Katrina) Mrs """Cliveas in Green Oriental Frog Jar""" Acrylics & gold leaf
Hurst John Mr """Bon Voyage""" Watercolour
Hutchison Donald Mr """Urban Shapes And Shadows""" Oil
Ilosvay Gustav Mr Split Personality Steel
Ilosvay Gustav Mr Carnival 2 steel
Irving Shelagh Ms. Summer Memory I Oil on Canvas
Irving Shelagh Ms. Summer Memory II Oil on Canvas
Jackson Rosemary Mrs. Shimmer Mixed Medium
Jackson Dee Ms """Enchantment""" Watercolour on Paper
Jackson Dee Ms """The Artist - Dana Zofia Sypniewski""" Watercolour on Paper
Johnson Judith Mrs """Paddleboarder Twilight""" Oil
Johnson Judith Mrs """Two Blokes in a Rowboat""" Oil
Johnson Judith Mrs """Grey Day Balmoral""" Oil
Johnson Judith Mrs """Two Ladies & A Dog - Balmoral""" Oil
Johnson Judith Mrs """True Love""" Oil on Canvas
Johnson Judith Mrs """Clarke's Point""" Oil on Canvas
Johnson Judith Mrs """On The Nordic Trail""" Oil on Canvas
Johnston Gillian Ms """Drink Chilled, Drink Often, Live Well""" Acrylic on Canvas
Joyce Linda Mrs """She'll Be Right Now""" Acrylic
Kannar Lea Ms. Balancing Act "Acrylic, Pastel & Conte on Paper"
Kannar Lea Ms. Paperbark Oil on Canvas
Keegan Rosemary Mrs My Park Acrylic
Kent Phillip Mr No Entry - Authorised Persons Only Oil
Kern Anne Mrs Algebuckina Bridge - Old 'Ghan' Etching
Kernohan Stephen Mr """Evening Snow""" Acrylic
Kernohan Stephen Mr "Evening Lights, Taylor Square" Acrylic on Board
Koeppl Kurt Mr Summer Bunch Watercolour
Koeppl Kurt Mr Red Gerberas Watercolour
Koroknay Sophie Miss Stripey Descendants Pencil/Graphite
Lamport Keith Mr """Across The River""" Watercolour
Lamport Keith Mr """Going Home""" Watercolour
Lamport Keith Mr """Approaching Storm""" Watercolour
Landa Val Mrs """Len Ainsworth - Living Legend""" Acrylic/Canvas
Landa Val Mrs """The Cyclist""" Acrylic/Canvas
Lane Suzanne Mrs Boy At Port Willunga Acrylic
Lane Suzanne Mrs Tasmanian Landscape 2 Acrylic
Lane Suzanne Mrs Cinque Terre Acrylic
Lavroff Alexander Mr Lonely Pigeon Oils
Lee Susan Mrs Bird Joy Chinese Watercolour & Chinese Brush on Silk
Leisner Anne Ms One Old Man Said To The Other Oil on Canvas
Lemon Josefia Ms. Curiosity Oil
Lithgow Denise Mrs """Sea Anemone"" Vessel/(Felt)" Felt Fibre
Lloyd Jillian Ms Suburban Harvest Graphite
Loa Kum Cheung Michelle Miss 18 Shades Oil on Canvas
Lowe Vivienne Ms Gliss Resin on S/Steel Base
Mackinnon Debbie Ms. Darkening Skies Gouache & Mixed Medium
Mackinnon Debbie Ms. Smoke Drifts Across The Padi Oil on Canvas
Maclaine-Cross Jennifer Mrs """Harmonious Proportions""" "Pen & Ink, Colour Pencil, on Paper"
Maclaine-Cross Jennifer Mrs """The Way To Live""" "Pen & Ink, Colour Pencil, on Paper"
MacLeod-Beere Sue Ms """The Last Pocket, The Rocks""" Oil
MacLeod-Beere Sue Ms Looking Glass Bay Oil
Maddock Terri Mrs "Monet's Pond, Giverny" Pastel
Maguire William Mr Pivot Candle Stand Hot Forged Steel
Mah Diane Ms View from the Gazebo Watercolour
Manwaring Ross Mr. "Rainforest, Dunk Island" Watercolour
Manwaring Ross Mr. Claypans and Landscape Lines Watercolour
Maree Jennifer Ms. Safe Harbour Mixed Media
Marosszeky Rose Mrs Warrior Mixed Medium
Martel Eric Mr 'Fast Run' Acrylic
May Barbara Mrs Abstract Work "Ink, Lithograph"
McCarthy Paul Mr """Tarban Creek Bridge""" Pastel
McDonald Vivienne Pittwater Oil Paint
Meyer Sue Ms Moments Mixed Media
Miller Paul S Mr. Bat Boy Eggtempera on Panel
Miranda Nicole Ms Bird Bath with Morning Glory Ceramic: Handbuilt & Imprinted Clay
Miranda Nicole Ms Poppies Watercolour
Miranda Nicole Ms My Garden Watercolour
Morgan Deb Mrs """Madeline St Cottages"" (Hunters Hill)" Oil
Morris Camellia Ms Seaside Stroll Acrylic on Canvas
Morris Kristen Ms Untitled Mixed Media
Morris Kristen Ms Chimneys Oil on Canvas
Mucha Ella Ms """The Wetlands II - Hawkesbury River""" Acrylic & Mixed Medium on Canvas
Mueller Bernhardine Ms 'Mangroves - Lane Cove River' Etching/Aquatint/Collaged
Muir Julie Mrs Beautiful Watercolour
Murray Ro Ms The Twins Mixed Medium
O'Connor Noeline Mrs Flowering Gum Watercolour
Oehlbeck Maggy Ms """Fab Fashionista""" Oil on Canvas
Oesterheld Caroline Mrs """Carrots anyone?""" Watercolour
Olah Margaret Ms "Hanging ""Family Tree""" Plant Fibres - Wax Linen
Olah Margaret Ms Centrepiece Plant Fibres - Wax String
O'Sullivan Carole Casta Diva Marble Powder Plasta & White Cement
Parry Mary Anne Ms Desert Coast Duststorm Encaustic & Mixed Media on Board
Pavlovic Annie Mrs The Line Up Oil & Wax on Linen
Pavlovic Annie Mrs The Gathering Oil and Wax on Linen
Pearson (Balloch) Debra Ms On The Beach Oil Paint
Penaloza Aponte Diana My Mother Oil on Canvas
Perkins John Mr """Reflections Hobart""" Oil
Perkins John Mr """Port Impressions""" Oil & Acrylic
Perry Dawn Ms The Hunter Clay/Underglazed/Oxidation Firing
Peters Dominic Mr Nicole At Henley Mixed Medium
Peters Shirley Ann Mrs Laneways of Nerac Oil on Canvas
Prowse Sancha Mrs Light through the vines Mixed Media
Prowse Sancha Mrs Jazz Club Mixed Media
Prowse Sancha Mrs """Remembering""" Oil
Prowse Sancha Mrs Summer's Day - Newport Beach Oil
Pryse-Jones Mandy Headland Ink Oil on Board Laser Engraved
Richardson Cheryl Mrs """Ashleigh Jayde""" Acrylic on Canvas
Richardson Cheryl Mrs """Gnarabup - Under Threat""" Acrylic on Canvas
Richman Lesley Ms Montmarte Paris "Collage, Ink, Watercolour"
Ridsdale Sharon Ms "The Dragon's Lair Series ""The Littlest Guardian""" Ceramic
Rochford Lynette Ms """Dancing Queens""" Watercolour
Rochford Lynette Ms New Blue Baby Watercolour
Rochford Lynette Ms """Boat Calm""" Watercolour
Rochford Lynette Ms Out Of The Blue - Clarke's Pt Dawning Watercolour
Rolfe Paul Mr The Bush near Towrang Oil paint on paper
Ross Helen Ms """Untitled""" Acrylic
Ross Helen Ms Field Poppies Acrylic
Ross Tony Mr """Snowy Sunday""" Oils
Ross Robyn Mrs """Stepping Out""" Wire
Rush Kevan Mr Paint It Black Acyrlic
Rush Lesley Mrs Hunters Hill Hotel Mixed Medium
Rush Kevan Mr Once Jolly Butcher … Oil
Rush Kevan Mr I Can See Clearly Now Oil
Rush Kevan Mr Wild Thing Oil
Rush Peter Mr Farm Geese At Tuscany Oils
Salvemini Danielle Ms Untitled #2 Acrylic on Canvas
Schuster-Callus Jan Mrs """First Impression""" Oil
Sharpe Sue Mrs "'Look Mum, There's Sophie'" Oil
Shoji Christine Ms 'New Reality' Self Portrait Acrylic & Mixed Media
Simmons Julie Mrs """Timeless""" Watercolour
Smoker Kathy Mrs. """Venice III""" Pastel
Smoker Kathy Mrs. """Barrengarry Creek II""" Pastel
Sommer Suzanne Mrs Without a Trace Acrylic
Stack Claire Mrs. Blackberries Watercolour
Steinberg Alan Mr Old Homestead Rybyvale Qld Oil
Steinberg Alan Mr Protruding Rocks Oil
Steinle Iona Ms. Caledonian Dawn Oil on Canvas
Stinson Dianne Mrs. A Morroccan Something Mixed Medium
Stratton Kelly Jill Mrs """Quartet of Textures""" Collagraph print
Stroud Peter Mr Natural Edge Burl Wood
Stroud Peter Mr Turning Burl Wood
Stuart Norma Ms """Sandstone Country""" Oil Stick
Teal Lyn Mrs Proud As Gum Watercolour
Teal Lyn Mrs Duck Out Watercolour
Teal Lyn Mrs Cascade At Jamberoo Watercolour
Teal Lyn Mrs Sticky Beak Watercolour
Ullmann Gerhard Mr """Spring""" Watercolour
Ullmann Gerhard Mr """Street of Tuscany""" Watercolour
Ullmann Gerhard Mr """Snowgum, Perisher Valley II""" Watercolour
Ullmann Gerhard Mr """After The Fire""" Watercolour
Von Somogy Neira Mrs Cockatoo Island Acrylic
Wallwork Diana Mrs. """Zellines Corner""" Acrylic on Board
Wallwork Diana Mrs. """Off The Sheeps Back""" Oil
Waples Peter Mr """Quite - Peace""" Brass Parts Copper Welded
Waples Peter Mr Pear 2 Brass Parts Welded
Waples Peter Mr Pear 1 Brass Parts Welded
Waples Peter Mr """Negative Landscape""" Oils & Acrylics on timber & Roofing Iron
Warburton Greg Mr """Rag""" Charcoal & Ink on Paper
Watson Martin Mr Dark Crystal Acrylic
Weir Marie Larraine Mrs Towards City & Balls Head from Berry Is. Oil on Canvas
Weir Marie Larraine Mrs Across Balls Head Bay from Berry Island Oil on Canvas
West Yvonne Ms. """Mystery""" Acrylic & Collage
Westcott Margaret Mrs 'Out of the Fire' Ceramic white Raku & Pitfired
Westcott Margaret Mrs Tranquil Oil on Canvas
White Janelle Mrs Keep It In The 50s Acrylic
White Janelle Mrs Summer Acrylic on Canvas
White Richard Mr Tuscan Dreaming Pastel
White Richard Mr After Pastel
White Richard Mr Pont-Neuf - Paris On A Foggy Night Pastel & Charcoal
Wiggs David K Mr Gymea Lily Oil on Canvas
Wiggs David K Mr "Clontarf Rain - The Spit, Middle Harbour (Plein Air)" Oil on Oil Paper
Wilding Lana Mrs. Big Brown Leaf Print & Mixed Medium
Wilding Lana Mrs. Blue Trees Watercolour
Wilkin Dot Ms Pinks at Fowler's Gap Acrylic & Gouache on 9 x 5 MDF Panels
Witton Elaine Mrs. Flight Ink/Gouache
Witton Elaine Mrs. Food Of Love "Woodcut, Gold Leaf, Gouache"
Ziade May Ms Variations of a Landscape (Triptych) Acrylic

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