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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hunter’s Hill Council Draft Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan

Council is undertaking a mandatory review of the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan. The plans are now on public exhibition and are available for comment for a period of 28 days. The community is encouraged to comment.

The Draft Community Strategic Plan (20 year plan) gives both Council and the community a vision for the main priorities and aspirations for the future of the Hunters Hill local government area.
The Draft Delivery Program (4 year program) is a statement of commitment to the community from the Council. In reviewing the Draft Delivery Program Council is accounting for its stewardship of the community’s long term goals, outlining what it intends to do towards achieving these goals during its term of office and what its priorities will be.

The Draft Operational Plan (one year plan) sets out the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken each year to achieve the commitments made in the other supporting documents.
Your comments will be accepted and considered prior to Council endorsing the plans.

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