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Monday, March 18, 2013

Special Rate Variation submission for 2013/2014

In 2011/12 Council consulted with the community in order to continue special rates for infrastructure and environmental works, such as roads, footpaths, kerbs, community buildings, stormwater, reserves and bushcare. This was to fund a capital works gap of approximately $870,00 as identified in Council’s Asset Management Plan (and part of Council’s CSP 2030, Delivery Program and Operational Plan).

Council’s initial representation to IPART was based on continuing levies that expired in both 2012 and 2013, however IPART concluded that under the current legislation Council would need to submit two applications; one in 2012 and another in 2013.

The proposal to bring forward rates that expire in June 2013 and to continue them for a further ten years was supported by the community, and will form part of the 2013 IPART application.
Council does not propose to recommence a community awareness campaign as was completed for the 2012 IPART SRV Application, however it is important that Council continue to ensure that the community is aware of its intention to make a further written application to IPART in February 2013.

As stated in Council’s rating publications as part of the 2012 application, Council is wishing to extend two expiring levies for a further 10 years:

1. Continuation of Local Loan 2 to become Special Rate - Infrastructure 3.10%

2. Continuation of Environmental Special Rate - 2.17%


3. Apply for a special rate increase of 2% for operational catch-up
The continuation of these levies is in addition to the rate peg set by the State Government, which for 2012/13 was 3.60%, and for 2013/14 is 3.4%. The net increase per annum to ratepayers will be 5.4% (2% operations and 3.4% rate peg, with levies continuing).

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