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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How is Council saving water?

The Municipality of Hunters Hill has been giving rainwater runoff a second run! See how Council has been doing its part to save water. To find out what is happening in your local area, visit the Water For Life website.

Town Hall and Council Works Depot

Hunter’s Hill Council has cut its water use by half at the Town Hall and Council Works Depot, through the installation of rainwater tanks to flush toilets and water plants in the nursery.

Across the Parramatta River catchment, rainwater and stormwater reuse programs are saving over 25.5 million litres of drinking water.

The combined rainwater and stormwater reuse projects along the Parramatta River prevent precious water going down the drain, reduces pollution from stormwater runoff, and helps keep our ovals soft and green.

Excellent water saving have been achieved at the Town Hall and Works Depot since the instillation of four rainwater tanks, dual flush toilets and water efficient retrofits in 2009. The grey water collected has been used to flush Council and Depot toilets and water nursery plants.

Financial Year Water use (kL per annum)
2007/2008 1669
2008/2009 1063
2009/2010 699
Graph showing Councils water usage at 1669 kL in 2007/08 down to 699kL in 2009/10
Water For Life logo

Boronia Park Oval Grandstand

In 2007 Hunter's Hill Council received a grant from the Australian Government Water Fund-Community Water Grants. The works included installation of 15,000 litre rainwater storage tanks to supply water for toilets and urinals. Dual flush toilets and retrofitting of water efficient taps and showers was also undertaken.

Clarke’s Point Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Project

The Clarke’s Point Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Project is an excellent example of how urban design can be integrated into improving the environment. The grant provided by the NSW Environment Trust, has improved the water quality of stormwater runoff into our catchment and has made significant savings to the consumption of precious drinking water. Hunter’s Hill Council used the opportunity of incorporating WSUD in their upgrade of the car park and amenities block. Stormwater runoff was harvested from the carpark and run through a series of filters to remove litter and other pollutants. Rainwater was also harvested from the roofs of the Sailing Club and the amenities block and stored in rainwater tanks beside the Sailing Club. This treated water is used to flush toilets and wash boats. Any overflow of stormwater into the Parramatta River has its water quality improved.

Concept diagram of the Clarke's Point Water Sensitive Urban Design Project, showing the processes of filtration
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