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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Where Does Our Recycling Go?

Recycling is sent to Visy at St Peters for processing.

Household cleanup material, collected on an on-call basis, is transported to the Clyde Transfer Station operated by Veolia. Greenwaste is transported to Ryde where it is processed into compost.

The Council depot takes its public place waste and street sweepings to the Clyde Transfer station.

Mattresses are collected by Mission Australia Soft Landings for recycling:-

Steel springs are sold for scrap metal
Foam is used for carpet underlay
Husk is turned into weed matting and mulch
Felt pad and fabric is used to make boxing bags
Timber is made into kindling, mulch and animal bedding.

Considerable distances are travelled around Sydney for the disposal and recovery of resources.

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