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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Waste service fees, charges and information

Domestic waste management charges

Owners of residential properties pay an annual Domestic Waste Management Charge when the rates notice is issued.

The Domestic Waste Management Charge covers the cost of the waste and recycling services to individual households including: the provision of bins; collection of your waste, recyclables, garden vegetation and household clean up material; as well as treatment or processing of the waste, recyclables and other materials.

Council has a differential fee system for residential waste services, based on the size of the residual (red lid) waste bin. The purpose of this system is to encourage residents to minimise their waste.

There is no additional charge for larger recycling bins. Therefore a household could choose to have a 120L red lid bin with 240L yellow and blue lid recycling bins.

The following charging policy currently applies for lost, stolen and damaged bins:

  • stolen or lost bins – the resident is required to pay for a replacement bin
  • resident damage to bin – the resident is required to pay if a replacement bin is needed
  • minor damage to bin – general wear and tear, missing pins, wheels and lids can generally be repaired by the waste contractor.

Business waste management charges

Non-residential or commercial properties can choose to have either a Council provided waste collection service or a private contractor provided service. As the Council service is a once a week collection only, you may wish to have a private waste contract arrangement depending on your waste types and volume.

In 2012/2013 there were approximately 200 commercial premises in Hunters Hill of which about half receive a waste collection service from the current Council Waste Collection Contract provider. The collection service is weekly as per residential collections.

Since February 2007 all commercial waste and recycling bins have required a sticker on them. This enables the Council’s Waste Contractor to know which bins must be collected as part of the Council collection service.

In line with Extended Producer Responsibility policy, all commercial premises in the Municipality pay a Business Waste Charge (BWC) annually, regardless of whether or not they have a Council waste collection service. This charge supports the provision and maintenance of street bins in commercial areas.

Multi-Unit waste management charges

A significant number of multi-unit residential dwellings are now serviced in Hunters Hill and Council's pricing regime has been structured to include services to these units including an allowance for the sharing of bins. Please note, some developments have private contractor arrangements so please check with your building supervisor if you are unsure.

Garden Organics Recycling Service Charges

The garden organics recycling service enables households to present their garden vegetation for collections at the kerb side in a specially designed 240 litre green waste mobile garbage bin.

Households may acquire an additional service at a cost if they have a large volume of garden vegetation for recycling.

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