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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Booking a Household Clean up

Call 1300 136 460 or use the link below to book online

  • Your clean up materials MUST NOT EXCEED 2m3
  • Please securely attach the pre-booked clean-up service stickers provided to visibly identify that your collection has been booked.
  • Articles should be placed neatly outside no earlier than the Sunday before your collection week and no later than Sunday vening.
  • Please keep footpaths, driveways and the road clear for access.
  • Articles must be separated for collection:
  • General clean-up collection. (Collected Monday or Tuesday) Pink sticker
  • Mattresses (Must be pre-booked & collected Monday) Yellow sticker
  • Whitegoods and/or metals collection; (Collected Wednesday) Green Sticker

What will be collected:

Waste materials, up to a limit of 2 cubic metres that has been booked in with council’s waste contractor.
Furniture, soft furnishing, broken toys
Flat packed kitchens with any nails removed
General household items that are bagged and weigh less than 10kg/bag
Only mattresses that have been booked in

What will NOT be collected:

Waste that has not been booked in with council’s waste contractor
Waste materials over the 2 cubic metre limit
Building materials including doors, windows,
Window panes, bathroom fixtures, fence palings, concrete, rocks, dirt and sand
Chemicals (garden and household) - Take to an EPA Chemical cleanout event (www.cleanout.com.au)
Car parts & tyres
Green waste (bagged or bundled) and soil
Bottles, newspapers, cardboard, cardboard boxes OR any other material that can be recycled in the blue or yellow lid recycling bins
Gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, batteries - Take to the CRC
Paints (water and oil based) - Take to the CRC
Oils (motor and cooking) - Take to the CRC
Televisions, computers, mobile phones and e-waste - Take to the CRC
X-rays, smoke detectors and fluoro globes and tubes can also be taken to the CRC for recycling
The Problem Waste Community Recycling Centre (CRC) at 8 Waltham St, Artarmon is a FREE service for all to use. Opening hours are 8am-2pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday

Preloved goods that are too good to throw away - contact The Bower

The NSROC group of Councils are Bronze Members of The Bower which is an environmental charity committed to reducing waste going to landfill. They provide good quality items at incredibly low prices to benefit all members of the community. The Bower provides a Collection and Rehoming Service collecting timber furniture, bikes, some electrical appliances and building materials. As members, the service is free to residents of Hunters Hill. To offer goods to The Bower request a home visit using the web booking tool below. Alternatively utilise their Reuse Tool to search for reuse and recycling organisations. Items not accepted are mattresses, chipboard or MDF furniture, dirty/ripped/stained lounges or sofas, washing machines or dishwashers, old bulky TV's, baby/childrens cots, prams or toys, pianos/organs, fitness machines, encyclopaedias and magazines, kitchen fitouts and large goods (stoves/microwaves/large fridges or freezers). If your items are not deemed usable, that's the time to book a Household clean up by calling 1300 136 460.

Why call The Bower's collection & rehoming service? All clean up waste goes to landfill so if you are getting rid of items that could be used by others less fortunate you'll be diverting them from landfill whilst helping others. You can also visit The Bower at 34/142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204 or at 1/14 Hunters St, Parramatta NSW 2150 to be inspired to donate, reuse, repair and upcycle.

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