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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Engaging with the Community to prepare the Community Strategic Plan

Between June 2017 and March 2018 a comprehensive engagement process was implemented to inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower the community to shape the future direction of Hunters Hill Municipality. Through this process Council endeavoured to learn from the community and increase our knowledge of what is important to you!

The engagement strategy was designed to ensure we heard from a wide range of perspectives, age groups, cultures, locations and special interest groups. The response was overwhelming and represented the most successful community engagement process Council has ever undertaken.
Whilst ‘reaching out’ to our community is somewhat more accessible in today’s society due to the use of social media, other innovative and effective consultation systems were used to capture collective ideas which will benefit the whole community. The approach was to inspire the community through their own personal experiences and for Council to take a ‘speak less, listen more approach
These included:

  • Your Voice OnLine survey
  • Your Voice Reply Paid Postcard Survey
  • Youth Survey
  • School workshops
  • Social Media posts
  • Focus Groups
  • Advertisements in local newspapers
  • Council Newsletters
  • Message from the Mayor
  • Major local events hosted by Council
  • Phone Surveys
  • Web Feedback
  • Community Satisfaction Survey
  • Councillor Feedback

A set of reoccurring key directions arose from the engagement process and have formed the building blocks of our five themes and associated goals and strategies that will guide Hunters Hill into the year 2030:

  • Making Getting Around Easier
  • Focus on the Community
  • Manage and Preserve our Environment
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Maintain Character & Manage Growth Planning

The enthusiasm, interest and input shown from the community has inspired Council to use this experience as a benchmark for all future engagement processes. The #Your Voice model has been developed in a way that allows its expansion and application across various Council applications. The model highlighted visionary thinking and bringing about change, instead of management processes.
Evaluating the engagement process has been a rewarding experience for all involved. Primarily this has been captured by the number of participants, the quality of the feedback received and the attitude, knowledge and behaviour brought about by being a part of this process. As a result of this the Hunters Hill CSP truly represents #YourVoice.

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