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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What happens to your waste?

Hunters Hill Council and our waste collection contractors United Resource Management have been working together to provide waste and recycling services to our residents since 2006. URM has operated in the waste collection industry for 45 years and is committed to responsible environmental management, protection of the environment and developing waste and environmental solutions.

For our red bin waste as a member of the Northern Sydney Waste Services Alliance comprising the Councils of Hunters Hill Council, Lane Cove Council, City of Ryde Council and Willoughby Council, we are proud to be amongst the first customers for an alternative waste technology solution that has been built by Veolia at its Woodlawn eco-precinct, 250 kms south-west of Sydney. Operations commenced on 1 July after a lengthy planning and construction program. Around 42% of the total of the Alliance group’s red-lid bin waste will be processed at the new Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) facility in 2017-18. The MBT process is designed to maximise the recovery of the organic content of the household waste.

The Waste Journey

Our recycling waste is collected using a two bin system collected on alternative weeks and it delivered to VISY who are a privately owned packaging and resource recovery company.

Our two bin system provides Visy with a cleaner paper and cardboard product for processing through their two paper mills at Smithfield in Sydney where they produce recycled paper grades ranging from 95-150gsm and 130-230gsm board. Single bin recycling often results in glass contamination of the paper and cardboard.

Plastic, glass and aluminium recyclables are delivered to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) operated by VISY the materials are sorted by a system of manual and automated separation into streams. VISY has invested in a RE-Plastic facility at Smithfield, NSW which is the first large scale food grade RE-Plastic plant producing recycled PET & HDPE.

Visy’s beverage can business is a major supplier of cans to the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces which along with steel cans are recycled to make more product. Glass bottles and jars come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Visy recover over 221,000 tonnes of glass per annum which is sorted into specific colours using state of the art technology. Sorted glass product does have a market and is sent to glass remanufacturers to be made into new bottles and jars again.

See how VISY approach the challenges of recycling. VISY recycling services

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