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Friday, June 02, 2017

Draft 2017/2018 Rates Calculator/Estimator

Council has created a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that will allow ratepayers to estimate their 2017/2018 Council Rates & Charges.

The downloadable calculator is based on the Draft 2017/2018 Fees and Charges as well as the proposed draft Budget. There are likely to be some small adjustments made to these, which may result in small differences from the amounts calculated by the spreadsheet.

The calculator only accommodates for simple assessments/circumstances (eg. only a single waste service) and therefore should not be relied upon, but it will provide a good guide of what to expect in your 2017/2018 Rate Notice.

Please note that the NSW Fire and Emergency Services Levy has been indefinitely deferred by the NSW Government FESL website and is no longer shown in the calculator.

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