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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Update - Planning Proposal for the Key Site in Gladesville

On the 28 June 2017 GSV Development lodged an amended planning proposal with Council. Approval was required from the Department of Planning and Environment (Department) before the amended proposal could be exhibited. On the 19 October 2017 the Department wrote to the applicant advising that a number of matters required resolution before exhibition could take place.

On the 22 November 2017 after further consultation between the applicant, council and the Department, the Department gave approval for the planning proposal to proceed to exhibition in February 2018. A report on this matter was considered at the ordinary council meeting of 11 December 2017.

At the subject meeting council resolved to provide a public information session about the post-gateway amended planning proposal for the Gladesville “Key Site” prior to exhibition. This public information session will be held in early February 2018 and notification about the session will be posted on council’s webpage and adjoining residents and stakeholders will be notified by post/email.

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