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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Amended Housing Code – Council Submission

In June 2016 the State Government exhibited an amended “Housing Code” and asked for feedback from the public about the changes made. The Code forms part of the State Policy for exempt and complying development and sets out the planning rules for new one/two storey homes, dual occupancies, and other developments such as garages and swimming pools.

Exempt and Complying development are not subject to the regular development assessment path. Complying development is development where the timeframe for development approval is 10 days, if the proposed development complies with applicable numerical standards. With complying development there is no legislated system for neighbour concerns to be considered.

The Housing Code had been criticised for being too complex and the amended Housing Code which includes more diagrams and has a revised format is intended to be easier to use. Council does not support the Housing Code or any amendments made to simplify its format. The Code is promoting the fast delivery of suburban housing on smaller and smaller lots and too often the outcome is residences lacking in aural and visual privacy, solar access and green open space.

There is no logic behind supporting policy that encourages low density housing with its high associated infrastructure, social and health costs, particularly when it is delivering residences with poor amenity.

Council’s submission regarding the amended Housing Code and the accompanying attachment are provided via the below links.

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