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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Hunter’s Hill Council Public Exhibition of a public art concept for Hunters Hill Village

At Ordinary Meeting 4388 Council resolved to publicly exhibit the Hunters Hill Village (corner of Gladesville Rd and Ryde Rd) Public Art concept and themes for a period of 28 days.

The work will have three (3) organically formed and twisted ‘towers’ supporting ‘iconic tops’ representing a strong, unique and wonderful community, and inspired by the natural environment and growth. The works will be approximately 4.5 meters in height and allow easy access through and around the public art in this busy and important site.

At the base of each of the 3 sculptural elements will be ‘cover plates’ fabricated from 3mm thick 316 mirror polished stainless steel, which will be used to cover the connections to the ground. These plates depict the shape of ‘growing’ organic forms.

These plates are where a range of nine (9) abstract ‘symbols’ will be displayed by incising into their surfaces. The ‘symbols’ have been developed from community consultation and selected from a broad and large range of suggestions from the extensive community workshops held by the Artist. Special thanks is extended to Hunters Hill Public School, users and local residents from Hunters Hill Village, Hunters Hill Historical Society, Hunters Hill Mainstreet Committee, Councillors, and Public Art Committee members for their invaluable input.

The following symbols have been shortlisted from over a hundred suggestions gathered during consultation:

  • FIGTREE - This symbol is a design showing the extensive root system, and is talking about the strong and intertwined networks formed by the Community.
  • MIDDEN - An important reference to the early history of Indigenous heritage.
  • JACARANDA - This tree is very common in Hunters Hill and the symbol chosen is and abstract arrangement of the small leaves which can also been seen as a group of boats. An option would be the trumpet shaped flower head.
  • SANDSTONE - Depicting the long Natural History.
  • BUSHLAND - Showing a reference to various leaves and native flowers.
  • BIRD LIFE - With a direct reference to the feathers of locally known birds.
  • DATES - 10 key/significant dates will be randomly arranged.
  • WATER - A simple symbol reference the water surrounding the area.
  • LACEWORK - Often seen on the heritage buildings and referencing the strong early ‘French’ connection.

A feature of the symbols chosen is their ability to be seen as many other things by the observer by using their culture, experience and imagination.

To provide feedback and further suggestions please email Council’s Corporate Strategist, Annie Goodman.

Hunters Hill Village Public Art Concept
Hunters Hill Village Public Art Concept

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