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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Exhibition of proposed heritage amendments to Local Environmental Plan 2012

In accordance with sections 56(2) and 57 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 notice is given of the exhibition of proposed amendments to Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 (Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage and Heritage Maps).

The proposed amendments include:

  • The listing of a draft heritage item (10 Cowell Street, Gladesville)
  • Reinstatement of three heritage items omitted during the 2012 translation of the heritage schedule into the standard format required by the State Government.
  • The correction of a duplicated listing
  • Correction of the three minor typographical/mapping errors

The amendments are highlighted in red in the attached Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage (excel spreadsheet) and shown on the attached heritage maps (see below links).

The table below provides data to assist with locating and understanding the proposed amendments.

Proposed Amendments

Row No. Address Item No. Map No.
20 10 Cowell Street, Gladesville; Proposed new draft heritage item Draft 514 002A
8 7 Batemans Road, Gladesville; Erroneously omitted Draft 513 002A
467 Pedestrian Tunnel, Victoria Road, Huntleys Cove; Erroneously omitted Draft 515 002A
100 13 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill; Erroneously omitted 24 002C
202 & 398 24 Ferry Street, Hunters Hill; Duplicate listing 1b Toocooya Street deleted. 131 & 329 003A
182 5 Ferdinand Street, Hunters Hill; Correction to property description & mapping 115 002C
489 18 Gale Street, Woolwich; No change to schedule 5 only mapping change as the item was not mapped as a heritage item 158 003C
Conservation Area No. 3 Gladesville Village Centre; Correction to mapping of southern boundary 002A

Also attached is the Gateway Determination issued by the Department of Planning and Environment. This provides the approval required for Council to exhibit the proposed amendments.

The proposed amendments will be exhibited from Wednesday 25 March to Wednesday 8 April 2015 in accordance with the time frame specified by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Submissions will be accepted throughout this period. Please write “Proposed Heritage Amendments – LEP 2012” in the topic line of your submissions and send to: council@huntershill.nsw.gov.au or PO Box 21, Hunters Hill, NSW 2110
If you would like to discuss the proposed amendments please contact Council on 9879 9400.

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