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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unable to access our web site or email us?

Council migrated our site to an alternative location late in February 2015. Some customers have reported that they are unable to access our web site or send us email.

The change involved updating DNS server settings. This change had been completed on the Council network on 27 February 2015, however that change needs to propagate to all DNS servers worldwide.

When correctly configured, DNS servers update themselves at regular intervals. If you are unable to access our web site, then your network provider (or one of their parent providers) may not have performed their update yet, may not have their DNS server configured correctly, or may not have it updating regularly enough.

In addition to this change, Council's ISP was sometimes misdirecting some of our traffic. So whilst your Internet Service Provider may have updated their records, sometimes you may still have been unable to access our site. Our ISP has corrected the misdirection on 6 March 2015 so if you are still experiencing difficulties reaching our web site then you will need to refer to your network provider and ask them to ensure that their DNS server is correctly pointing to our new host.

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