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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On-Call Household Clean Up

Council offers an on-call clean up service to all residents who pay for domestic garbage services.

Booking are essential and must be made with Council’s Contractor URM.

Each eligible household is entitled to two booked services per financial year. Each service is limited to 2 cubic metres per collection. Additional services will be charged a fee.

URM will mail a sticker to identify that your booking(s) as an authorised clean-up service. Please note, there can be a two week lead time for collections.

Any household goods which do not display the sticker and tape will be considered illegally dumped and fines may be issued under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act.

To book an on-call household clean up

  • Ring Council's Contractor on 1300 136 460 to arrange your booking or online via the link below.
  • Stickers will be sent to your home which will identify this as a booked service.
  • 2 cubic metre limit. There is a limit of two on-call collections per financial year per rated household property. Bookings must be made in advance, particularly at the financial year end as logistics may result in bookings being closed off up to 2 weeks prior to the year end.
  • Household clean up collections are only available to domestic ratepayers. Businesses, even those who pay for commercial waste collections are not eligible for household clean up services.

Mattresses are collected on a Monday or Tuesday of your allocated week. General household rubbish is collected by our waste contractor on Monday or Tuesday. Metals/whitegoods are collected for recycling on a Wednesday.

Excluding booked mattresses, excess materials will not be collected. For your guidance, 2 cubic metres is equal to approximately one small box trailer load.

If you have a large amount of material to dispose of we recommend you contact a professional rubbish removal company.

What will be collected:

  • Waste materials, up to a limit of 2 cubic metres that has been booked in with council’s waste contractor.
  • Furniture, soft furnishing, broken toys
  • Flat packed kitchens with any nails removed
  • General household items that are bagged and weigh less than 10kg/bag
  • Only mattresses that have been booked in

What will NOT be collected:

  • Waste that has not been booked in with council’s waste contractor
  • Waste materials over the 2 cubic metre limit
  • Building materials including doors, windows,
  • Window panes, bathroom fixtures, fence palings, concrete, rocks, dirt and sand
  • Chemicals (garden and household) - Take to an EPA Chemical cleanout event (www.cleanout.com.au)
  • Car parts & tyres
  • Green waste (bagged or bundled) and soil
  • Bottles, newspapers, cardboard, cardboard boxes OR any other material that can be recycled in the blue or yellow lid recycling bins
  • Gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, batteries - Take to the CRC
  • Paints (water and oil based) - Take to the CRC
  • Oils (motor and cooking) - Take to the CRC
  • Televisions, computers, mobile phones and e-waste - Take to the CRC
  • X-rays, smoke detectors and fluoro globes and tubes can also be taken to the CRC for recycling
  • The Problem Waste Community Recycling Centre (CRC) at 8 Waltham St, Artarmon is a FREE service for all to use. Opening hours are 8am-2pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday
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