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Friday, February 20, 2015
A volunteer performing bush regeneration in Riverglade Reserve

Riverglade Bushcare

Riverglade Reserve is located in the suburb of Huntleys Cove between the suburbs of Hunters Hill, Gladesville and Huntleys Point. Riverglade Reserve is situated in the lower portion of Tarban Creek and includes the adjacent floodplain and parts of the sloping land to the north and south.

The remnant bushland in Riverglade Reserve forms part of the 30 or so hectares of remnant bushland in Hunters Hill. The presence of remnant bushland in the Tarban Creek area is quite significant. To have a vegetated link between the marine environment of Sydney Harbour to terrestrial ecosystems is becoming increasingly rare as Harbour-side land is developed.

The Bushcare group works in various habitats around the reserve including Saltmarsh, Mangrove forests and Forest vegetation.

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