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Friday, November 28, 2014

Changes 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme

The 10/50 vegetation clearing scheme was introduced in August, as part of the response to last year’s devastating bush fires which destroyed more than 200 homes.

The scheme allows people in a designated entitlement area to:

Clear trees on their property within 10 metres of a home, without seeking approval; and

Clear underlying vegetation such as shrubs (but not trees) on their property within 50 metres of a home, without seeking approval.

Since the scheme’s introduction, and during public consultation on the scheme, it’s become clear that some people are abusing the entitlement.

As a result, changes have been announced to the scheme while a formal review of the rule is underway, reducing the entitlement area to have greater focus on people who are at greatest risk from bush fire.

These changes are now in force.

The changes mean the entitlement area will be reduced from 350 metres to 100 metres for Category One vegetation, and from 150 metres to 30 metres for Category Two vegetation.

The 10/50 online mapping tool has been updated on the NSW RFS website to reflect the changes.

The tool will also be regularly updated with changes from local government seeking to reclassify areas of bushland.

People wishing to clear or thin vegetation on their property should check the online tool before starting work, as the entitlement area for their property may have changed.

There are heavy penalties for people who clear vegetation without authorisation.

Review of 10/50

It was announced in early October that a review of the 10/50 scheme was being brought forward. The review is now underway.
Public submissions on the rule closed on 14 November. Around 1,800 submissions were received and are now being reviewed.
The review, in conjunction with the Department of Planning and Environment, is expected to be completed in the first half of 2015.

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